Facebook Blocks Christian Children’s Book Publisher From Advertising


An evangelical children’s book publisher claims that Facebook has blocked its advertising account, severely restricting its ability to reach new customers.

Good & True Media, a Christian company, is dedicated to creating wholesome literature for children. They have had many best-sellers since its launch in Fall 2021. They’ve been advertising on Facebook since September without any issues, but their account was disabled two days later after they posted an ad that contained a Bible verse.

Here is the full text of this ad:

Are you worried that the media your child consumes could cause harm to them? It is becoming more difficult for grandparents and parents to find books, movies, and music that encourage classical virtues and strong morals. It is becoming more difficult for parents to preserve their children’s innocence in the digital age.

Family media company dedicated to encouraging children to live virtuously. This is the goal of every book, animation, and audio drama that we produce. Three fundamental beliefs are the foundation of our content. These beliefs are not what you should believe, so don’t sign-up with us.

1) God is real and He is good

2) There are two kinds of right and wrong.

3) The family is the foundation of society.

These simple principles of life are often ignored by modern media, and we feel the need to prove them. We promise to never publish anything that contradicts these beliefs.

We publish stories in which good triumphs over evil, and where the hero saves them all. We publish fairy tales in which dragons are defeated. We publish timeless classics that are free of modern nonsense and teach valuable lessons. We publish stories that demonstrate virtue in action so that children all over the country can become better representations of God. We invite you to join our family and experience the joy of virtue in action.

Two days after Good & True Media published the ad on Facebook, Brian Gallagher (the founder and publisher of Good & True Media) informed him that his ad account had been disabled due to “not fully complying with [Facebook’s] Advertising Policies or any other standards.”

Facebook blocked Heroes of Liberty, a conservative publisher of children’s books, from advertising on its platform earlier this year. They reversed their decision and Gallagher hopes Facebook will do the exact same for Good & True Media. He has tried several appeals but to no avail.

Gallagher stated that Disney can preach the gospel about gender fluidity but not the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gallagher believes that Facebook Ads changed its policies to prohibit targeting religious people. He says, “I can’t send ads about my Christian books anymore to Christians.” Gallagher also finds it suspicious that Good & True Media’s account was disabled at the wrong time.

Gallagher stated that “our ad account had been disabled just two days after publishing the first ad featuring a Bible verse.” I hope Big Tech doesn’t censor us because we promote wholesome Christian products. Disney isn’t being censored because of the ideas they push onto children.

Good & True Media is soon to launch “The Bible Crate,” a monthly subscription box that takes children through the Bible stories in one year. Unfortunately, they are now banned from using Facebook to advertise and can’t send any ads to Christian book lovers.

He said, “One thing is certain though, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a Christian business to grow in this Big Tech landscape.”

Gallagher stated, “I hope that our Ad Account will be reenabled so we can continue to distribute our wholesome Christian products across the globe.”

Visit its website to learn more about Good & True Media’s mission.