Stacey Abrams Appears in Star Trek Cameo, and You Won’t Believe Who She Portrayed


Stacey Abrams’ political deification continues as she embarks on her next attempt at destroying her home state, Georgia. Beto O’Rourke would be jealous that she continues to receive media coverage.

Georgia’s fake governor was most recently seen on Star Trek: Discovery, playing a small role in the role of President of United Earth. No joke.

Michelle Paradise, executive producer and writer, stated that Earth’s return would be a huge, major moment. We realized that we would need someone to represent Earth as we looked ahead to the finale.

“When it came time to talk about the president of Earth,” he said. Paradise said. She then texted Alex Kurtzman, executive producer, and asked him to suggest Abrams. He replied. “The number and quality of the exclamation marks that were returned was amazing.”

Abrams was the perfect choice for another Star Trek role. For years, she has been open about her Star Trek obsession. She even hosted a virtual fundraiser to support the now-Georgia Democrat Senators. Jon Ossoff, Raphael Warnock and cast members of Star Trek franchises were there alongside Joe Biden at a “Trek The Vote to Victory” event.

Casting Abrams was much more than allowing a famous fan in on the action. This is yet another example of the left trying to make Stacey Abrams something. They think they can convince Georgians to vote for her over Gov. Brian Kemp or David Perdue will win the primary, but it’ll most likely go to Kemp.

She appeared on The Daily Show in February. There, she openly compared the Georgia governor’s loss and the political drama surrounding “voting rights,” to Russia’s invasion.