Gavin Newsom Gets Mercilessly and Deservedly Mocked Over Power Grid Crisis


California’s power grid crisis is serious, but it is not a joke. But the state’s Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, is waking up. Gavin Newsom sure is woke.

Two weeks ago, Newsom and his fellow Democrats and his mainstream media allies (but he repeats himself) were all gloating as the state’s Air Resources Board prepared for a Newsom-endorsed plan that would phase out and eventually ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035 and replace them with electric-powered models.

Before that, Newsom’s bizarre reelection campaign spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads criticizing Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis suggests that Floridians move to California, where they are supposedly more comfortable with freedom and other things.

California, unlike recent events, which include Newsom’s demand that people use less electricity and a ban on gas-powered vehicles, is not a state free from control. Instead, the state wants to control every aspect of your life, even though the people at the top refuse to follow the rules.

Newsom’s numerous failures, several dictatorial mandates, and many instances when he wasn’t practicing what he preached have resulted in him being mercilessly mocked over social media in the past few days. Some of these incidents started after his “Flex Alert”.

Christina Pushaw, who was recently fired as Governor, resigned. DeSantis’ press secretary, who is now the director of a rapid reaction for his reelection campaign. Newsom was reminded of an ad he ran that attacked Florida on “freedom” grounds.

Others brought up the French Laundry scandal, which was trending on Twitter Wednesday morning. They suggested that Newsom was probably enjoying the cool AC in his “suite at French Laundry”.

There were also the “life comes at your fast/ how it began versus how it’s continuing” dunks on Newsom and another obnoxious California Dem. Eric Swalwell

However, one Twitter user agreed to help in any way he could. He stressed testing the power grid to make sure it was ready for 40 million electric cars 13 years from now.

Hmm… I’d say Slicks has a point.

Stay cool, Californians, and please do the right thing by voting this guy out in November.