Rand Paul Thinks Fauci Is Hiding Something


Rand Paul (R.Ky.) blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIAID Director), for a COVID cover-up involving America’s Big Tech companies.

Paul, himself a physician said that it went beyond Fauci’s secret communications with social media companies like Facebook. The diminutive celebrity medical spokesperson refused to talk about $193 million in COVID royalties that were paid to almost 2,000 NIH scientists.

Paul stated that Fauci’s mode of operation is to “cover up and not allow any sunlight to enter any of his activities.” This should give away his motives.

It is quite sinister that NIH scientists could be paid secret royalties – averaging around $107,000 – from pharmaceutical companies whose products NIH recommends, or Washington mandates. It gets worse.

Yesterday, Matt Margolis, PJ Media’s founder, wrote about “damning documentation” that detailed the close relationship between Fauci, Mark Zuckerberg, and Meta, Meta’s parent company.

Matt said that Zuckerberg gave Fauci his “personal phone number” just before the social media platform started censoring misinformation alleged to be COVID-19.

An earlier record showed that employees at Google, Twitter, and Facebook were communicating with various government agencies to decide what information should be blocked on their platforms.

Fauci and his 1,800 underlings were able not only to profit from the COVID mandates but also to leverage the power of Facebook to silence any dissent.

This is far more than corruption. This is an example of the federal government colluding illegally with Big Tech to deny Americans constitutionally protected speech, while also lining their pockets at our expense.

The next GOP Congress must do more than hold more hearings. Although I doubt the Biden Department of Justice will pursue justice against Fauci, Republicans must ensure that America’s public health is protected from any other banana republic doctors.