Former PJTV Filmmaker Investigated by FBI as Domestic Terrorist for J6 Documentary


He stated that they had received a call from the terrorist threats center claiming that I was a terrorist. Because I made the film Capitol Punishment, they had asked me to be investigated.

Chris Burgard is a renowned filmmaker who was a former contributor to PJTV. He released a documentary in November 2021 which showed what he saw at the rally on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. There were many interviews with those involved who then became subject to predawn raids by the FBI.

The FBI came to Burgard’s ranch in Texas to question him. Chris and Lisa, his spouse, explained the process in a PJ Media interview.

The FBI agent drove a quarter-mile up Burgard’s Texas ranch driveway on August 4 and left his card at the front.

Chris claimed that the whole family was shaken. Do you think they will raid our house tomorrow? “Do I have to keep them in my room? I don’t want my dogs shooting me. My family has been extremely stressed by this. ”

Chris documented the lives of several families that were raided by the FBI before dawn to question their participation in the attack on Capitol Hill. The FBI then closes the street and allows the subject to gain entry into his or her home. To disorient and distract residents, they use flash-bang bombs.

It’s easy to see why people get nervous when the FBI knocks at their doors looking for a document.

Chris shared with his family the story of Chris’s daughter. It moved Chris to tears at their family meeting. We decided to continue moving forward because of that.

Chris immediately contacted an attorney in order to respond to the inquiry. The FBI field agent assigned to Chris’ case stated that Chris needed answers to three questions. Chris asked for written answers instead of sitting down to answer the questions. The FBI accepted his written statement, even though the questions were divided into nine subquestions.

He has not yet indicated that the inquiry is closed.

His attorney Brian Chavez Ochoa and Chris both praised the FBI agent’s professionalism and politeness. ”

He also wanted dispel a common myth about J6 where rioters heard Trump asking them to enter Washington to stop the certification.

Chavez Ochoa said that Trump had made a clearion call asking his supporters to visit the capital. “He was not there because he wasn’t there. “Chris was there because God called, just like he did in the past. He was faithful to his call and obeyed it. ”

Burgard and his lawyer weren’t the only ones who saw the film. Burgard and his lawyer weren’t the only ones to see the movie.