Thanks to Biden, Home Heating Oil Rationing Begins in Northeast, and It’s Not Even Winter Yet


It appears President Joe Biden may be suffering from the winter of death. This is not due to being unvaccinated.

Heating oil is a major expense in the Northeast. Winters can be brutal, so heating oil costs can add up even during normal times. This year is likely to be the most difficult year for those who want to heat their homes adequately. Heating oil prices are at an all-time high under President Joe Biden, and even for those with the money to stock up, it doesn’t matter that heating oil rationing has already begun.

Biden is responsible for all of this rationing. We never worried about rationing under former President Donald Trump.

The worst thing about this crisis unfolding is that it isn’t even winter.

A bombshell Bloomberg report says:

The US Northeast has so little heating oil that it is rationing the fuel to heat homes even before winter begins.

According to Chris Herb of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association (which represents approximately 600 family-owned retailers), some wholesalers in Connecticut have put retailers on allocation. This means that they are limited in fuel availability and can only obtain a certain amount. These wholesalers must then ration their customers.

Bloomberg’s data matches the former Maine governor. Paul LePage (a Republican gubernatorial hopeful) said this week that the Northeast heating oil shortage situation is highly alarming and should be considered a serious concern. LePage basically pleaded with the current Democratic Maine Governor. Janet Mills was asked to do anything to raise awareness of the situation before it became too late and people die. Biden is also blamed for not adequately addressing the problem.

“Today, about an hour ago we received information from a local oil broker… right now, at five o’clock tonight, oil is $5.69.” “Kerosene costs $6.69 per gallon.” “This is the situation we are currently facing,” LePage stated during Friday’s interview.

He said, “Earlier this year, the president released 15 million barrels of crude oil. You know that from the reserves. But he didn’t, he didn’t release any Northeast heating oil reserve. We have a shortage and prices are going through the roof, with the governor of Maine yet to speak a word about it.”

LePage encouraged “everyone to call Governor.” Mills’ office was asked to share their thoughts on the crisis. LePage said Mills should “get on the ball and call President Biden and ask him to release heating oil reserves to the Northeast because we’re going to have a hard winter, they have shortages, and they’re predicting blackouts and brownouts, so we’re in desperate need of help.”

LePage and Carr spoke out about reports that heating oil rationing is taking place in Connecticut. LePage said similar practices are already taking place in Maine and it’s not near the state’s coldest or most energy-demanding times of the year.

LePage stated that heating oil rationing had already begun in Maine. They’ll deliver 50 gallons to you if you order 100 gallons. If you order 200, they’ll deliver 100. Some dealers have told me that they are forced to deliver right now because they don’t know and because they know there will be another crisis within a month.

According to the U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average residential heating oil price in New England was $2.87 per gallon in March 2020. This price range was maintained or even lower during Trump’s presidency. The price started to rise shortly after Biden took office. It’s now $5.70 per gallon as of October 17.

I was blown away by the math involved in heating homes in the region.

Current prices — and bear in mind that these prices will rise in the future as demand increases, and supply decreases, likely significantly — it costs about $1,567 to fill a typical residential heating oil tank of 275 gallons.

According to Shipley Energy, this amount of heating oil lasts for the average home for 56 days. It’s less than two months but we’ll call it two months. That’s $783 per month for heating oil at the current rate. It will soon become cheap. That’s assuming you can find it.

What happens when the inflation rate is higher and unemployment is high? And what about in the winter when nobody has enough money to heat their home with expensive heating oil? Some will have to make tough decisions about heating their homes or buying groceries. Either way, this winter will be one of illness and death just like Biden would have it.