Bodycam Footage Captures Police Taking Down A Sword-Wielding Man Accused Of Stabbing Woman


Los Angeles Police Department released footage from a Tuesday night incident involving a man using a pair of swords to brutally stab a woman.

Eric Herrera, 23, was taken into custody on suspicion of attempted murder following multiple stabbing wounds to a woman, 43, in her home.

KTLA reported that a family member identified the victim as Herrera’s mother. The family also stated that Herrera was troubled for some time and that an argument caused the horrific attack.

Josh Gordon, a neighbor, said that he witnessed the incident and heard the victim cry out for help. He also pleaded with the suspect to stop it.

Gordon, who lives across from the scene, said that the victim told the suspect “I’m Your Mother.”

LAPD has not confirmed Herrera’s relationship with the victim.

Gordon said about the suspect, “He didn’t seem to be in any lucid state.” He was slow and moving. The safety of the woman was my main concern. It was difficult to watch it from across the street.

Multiple calls were received by authorities about an assault using a deadly weapon. The suspect was seen walking down the street with a pair of blades when law enforcement arrived at the scene.

The incident was captured on bodycam and police told the suspect to “put down that sword.” Officers repeated their instruction to the suspect to give up his weapons.

The Taser was used by authorities to stop the suspect from refusing to comply with verbal commands.

Additional officers were also present at the scene and searched the area for the victim. The woman was covered in blood when they arrived at her. Police say that the victim sustained multiple injuries to her arm.

The authorities arrived on the scene and assisted the victim. However, the woman claimed that her daughter was still in the house as she had told her to hide from him. The victim claimed that her daughter was safe and that the suspect had not attacked her.

The victim was taken to the hospital by a relative who reported that he was stable.

Eric Herrera was taken into police custody and his bail was set at $100,000, according to the LAPD.