Former Ohio Softball Coach Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery of Student, Allegedly Begged Child Not to Tell Authorities


A former Ohio high school teacher’s aide and softball coach is the latest victim of sex crimes. He is alleged to have had a sexual relationship in his past with a student. According to reports, the educator begged the student not to tell the authorities about their inappropriate relationship.

Ashley Rison, a former teacher’s assistant at New Miami High School in Ohio and a softball coach at 31, allegedly had sex while working at the school.

Law & Crime reported Rison and the student had eight sexual encounters, beginning in April 2021. During some of these sexual encounters, Rison was in control of Rison’s students.

Rison tried to persuade Rison that the minor would not reveal their illicit relationship or sexual assault.

According to WXIX, Lindsay Sheehan, Butler County Assistant Prosecutor, stated that “in addition to what Ms. Rison tells us,” recordings were made between Ms. Rison (and the child) in which Ms. Rison makes numerous incriminating statements asking the child not to report her to authorities.”

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office received notification on May 3, 2021, about the inextricable relationship between Rion, a 17-year-old softball player, and Rion.

Rison reportedly quit her job at the school, where she had been employed since August 2015.

Rhonda Parker, New Miami Local Schools Superintendent, announced that Ashley Ra-Nae Rison was no longer employed at the New Miami Local Schools Board. Ms. Rison has resigned as a Paraprofessional and Coach effective May 3, 2021. New Miami Local Schools does not have any further comments at this time.

Rison was charged in January with eight counts of sexual battery and one count of tampering. These are all felonies. Rison was also indicted on one count of furnishing alcohol for minors – a misdemeanor.

Rison pleaded guilty on Wednesday to gross sexual imposition and sexual battery.

Lindsay Sheehan, Butler County Assistant Prosecutor, stated that “In addition to the child telling us, we also have recordings of Ms. Rison with the child in which Ms. Rison makes multiple statements incriminating to asking the child not report her to authorities.”

Rison will be sentenced on Nov. 16.

Rison could spend up to eight years behind bars. After her release, Rison will have to register as a sex offender.

Mike Gmoser, Butler County Prosecutor, told People magazine that “every prosecutor I’ve ever met, and in every state that I have dealt with, takes cases involving students and teachers very seriously, with respect to sexual conduct or contact.” These are impressionable young minds. Eventually, an adult will take advantage of them. While we take all felonies seriously, I believe these offenses are more serious than others. These people can be held accountable by the prosecution to show them that we take this seriously.”