Arizona State Rep. Announces He’ll Sponsor Legislation to Defund PBS After Katie Hobbs Interview Controversy


After Wednesday’s failure to schedule an interview for the governorship race, Arizona State Rep. John Kavanagh stated that he will introduce legislation to eliminate taxpayer funding from Arizona PBS.

Katie Hobbs, Democrat, agreed to give a one-on-1 interview with the station next week. This interview will not be conducted by the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission. RedState reported that the CEC was not pleased with the decision and pulled out of the town hall they had scheduled with Republican Kari Lake on Wednesday night. According to the CEC, Lake’s event would be postponed and held with another network.

Original intention of Wednesday’s Arizona PBS Event was to have a debate between Hobbs & Lake. However, Hobbs declined to take part.

RedState had asked Lake on Wednesday at a press conference if she would be open to the idea of cutting taxpayer funding for the station. The station receives its revenue from subscriptions, memberships and public funding, as well as from Arizona State University.

“Well, they seem to be an arm the Democrat Party, so I think we should look at it. This is not bipartisan. This is biased. Lake stated that this is completely biased.

Lake tweeted that Kavanagh’s plans to introduce legislation were made public when she was elected governor.