Former Mexican Mafia Member Celebrating BLM Stabbed Derek Chauvin 22 Times


Last week we reported that former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin was stabbed several times in a Tucson federal prison, Arizona. “Life-saving” measures were taken to keep him alive.

Investigators now reveal that he had been stabbed 22 times by an ex-Mexican Mafia who wanted to celebrate Black Lives Matter Black Friday, which was on November 24, this year.

According to prosecutors, the 52-year-old assailant initially claimed he would have killed Chauvin using his improvised blade if corrections officers hadn’t responded so quickly. In a later interview, Turscak retracted that statement and stated he didn’t intend to kill him. He said he had been considering attacking the ex-cop for about a week because he is a high-profile inmate, and he wanted BLM and his criminal gang to be acknowledged.

According to the charging documents, Mr. Turscak stated that the date of the stabbing was the day following Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday. This “symbolized the Black Lives Matter Movement and the ‘Black Hand,’ a symbol associated with Mexican Mafia criminal organizations,” according to the documents.

Turscak, an FBI informant at the time of his crimes, is currently serving a sentence of 30 years.

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Here’s where things get interesting. Turscak had been sentenced to prison for racketeering, and conspiring with a rival gang.

He was an FBI informant before that.

Turscak confessed to committing crimes as an FBI informant while undercover in 2001.

“I didn’t do those crimes just for fun. I committed them because it was the only way I could stay alive.” I told the FBI agents that and they said “Do what you need to do.” (LA Times).


Chauvin was found guilty in 2021 for killing George Floyd by putting his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes. This was to prevent Floyd from standing up. He was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison, but has been trying to get his guilty plea overturned because he claims new evidence proves he did not cause Floyd’s demise. The Supreme Court, however, rejected his appeal request in late November. This was a major setback for that effort.

Floyd’s death triggered months of riots across the United States, as BLM supporters protested against police brutality.

Turscak has been charged for the attack against Chauvin with attempted murder and assault with intent to murder. He also faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon and assault resulting to bodily injury.

Chauvin’s condition has not been disclosed.

It is not known what condition he is in following the stabbing. Greg Erickson told The Post that Chauvin’s lawyer, Greg Erickson, said on Wednesday that his client’s relatives have not been able to speak with the ex-cop or know his current condition.

Erickson stated, “They say that he is stable, but we don’t really know. He could also be stable and unconscious. “That was all we heard.”

Some people celebrated Chauvin’s injuries when the news first broke. They wrote things like “Happy Shanksgiving” and posted memes showing intense laughter. It doesn’t matter what you think of Derek Chauvin. The fact that he was stabbed 22 times while in federal prison is an absolute disgrace. It’s strange that they didn’t protect him better. They had to have known that his back would have a huge target on it.

He is a survivor!