Julianna Margulies Shreds Pronoun Police for Hamas Hypocrisy


As a man with a very small brain—I am humble enough to admit I’m not the best screwdriver I have in my kitchen drawer – I find myself baffled by a lot of things in this crazy universe. How can gravity make us fall toward the center of our planet without crushing us? Why does chicken taste in everything? Does it make a noise if a tree falls on the ground in a forest and no one is around to hear it?

I am still astonished by the support that the LGBTQ pronoun Mafia has given to Hamas. Hamas is an Islamic organization that strongly condemns homosexuality in all its forms and calls for the death penalty for those who are caught. I just don’t get it.

How can the LGBTQ Community support a group who demands that LGBTQ People be thrown off a roof, or that their heads are removed from their necks? It makes no sense.

But it is more than just support. These radical sexual deviants praise the Palestinians for their bravery in fighting against colonialists who invaded Israel and took back land that they had been forced from. This is not the right interpretation of history. However, facts have never really been important to the left.

The actress Julianna Margulies was also baffled by the Rainbow Brigade’s support of Hamas. She called their position on the matter contradictory and slammed them with scorched earth. Margulies made comments on the podcast “Back Room”, where she spoke with host Andy Ostroy.

“It’s these kids who spew anti-Semitic hatred who have no idea if stepped foot in a Muslim country. These people want us to call them ‘they/them,’ or whatever they would like us to refer to them as, which I respectfully did. You can be whatever you want. Margulies said that those are the people who would be beheaded first, and then their heads used as soccer balls, just like soccer balls on a field.

“And this is who they support?” The star of the “The Morning Show”, continued, “Terrorists don’t like women having their rights. They don’t like LGB – LGBTQ people are executed without exception. And this is what you support.” It is absurd to me, and would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.”

Margulies took the opportunity to throw a missile toward professors in universities and colleges across the nation for not stopping pro-Palestine demonstrators on their campuses. He then pulled the students into auditoriums to educate them about the atrocities perpetrated on campus by terrorist groups. Students participating in these protests were informed that they should be aware of the cause they support when they attend these events.

“Muslims and Christians are being held captive, as well as Buddhists and Jews. And you are tearing down posters?” Margulies continued. What will that do?” Margulies added. What do you mean to say?

A black lesbian group at Columbia University was also discussed. They were in the news for preventing “Zionists”, who attended a campus film screening, from attending. Does a group of lesbians forming a group based on their skin tone get extra points for being intersectional?

Margulies raged, “As someone playing a gay journalist on the ‘Morning Show’, I’m offended more as a Lesbian than as a Jew. I want to tell them, You f***ing fools’.”

“‘You don’t exist. You’re lower than Jews. You’re both black and gay. Furthermore, you’re turning away from the people who support you! “Because Jews rally around everyone,” she said.

You might think Margulies is a Hollywood actress who supports causes such as homosexual marriage and Black Lives Matter. But she supports left-wing causes, like the Black Lives Matter Movement. She is angry because so many of the leftists she knows have come out as antisemitic by supporting Hamas or falling for its propaganda in mainstream media.

“Hamas controls the media.” Hamas releases what it wants the world to think,” she declared. “… Of Course, All the Jews will Speak Up. The non-Jews are the ones who need to speak out. It brings me back to the Holocaust tonight and how our ancestors felt when suddenly their friends said, “Sorry, You can’t Come Over Anymore.”