Jussie Smollett’s Lies Land Him Back in Jail After Losing Appeal


Jussie Smollett isn’t getting any breaks, and he doesn’t deserve one. The Illinois appeals court confirmed Smollett’s disorderly conduct sentence for the hate crime hoax that he perpetrated in 2019. In 2021, a jury found Smollett guilty of five of the six disorderly conduct charges. The actor’s representatives indicated that they would appeal the verdict.

Apparently, the appeal didn’t go well.

In an opinion published Friday, the Illinois Court of Appeals upheld Jussie’s Smollett conviction for staging a hate crime.

Justice David Navarro, and Justice Mary Ellen Coghlan were in agreement. According to documents obtained by Fox News Digital, Judge Freddrenna Lyle was a dissident.

Smollett’s legal team will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Holly Baird, Holly Baird’s representative told Fox News Digital: “We would like to emphasize that the decision was split with Justice Lyle providing a detailed analysis for Smollett.” We are ready to take this case to the Supreme Court with substantial evidence.”

Smollett is a black gay man who created controversy when he reported to Chicago police that he was beaten up by homophobic and racist attackers who were also supporters of Donald Trump, the former president. The actor said that his attackers told him, “This is MAGA country,” while they were beating him.

Smollett was the focus of an investigation that began as a search for alleged attackers. Smollett was arrested on charges that he orchestrated the attack and lied to police.

Smollett must now serve his entire 150-day jail sentence due to the failure of his appeal. While his appeal was pending, he spent only six days in jail. His lawyers said he was the victim of a racist justice and political concerns.

Other people seem to be in agreement:

Freddrenna Lyle, an appellate judge, said she would have overturned Smollett’s convictions. Lyle said that it was “fundamentally unjust” to charge Smollett with a crime when he already had done community service in accordance with a deal he made last year to have the charges dropped.

Lyle stated that “it was obvious to everyone that Smollett wanted a permanent resolution and not just a temporary one.”

Smollett’s case is a topic of discussion and a source of mockery when it comes to race, sexuality, and bigotry. His hoax may be the most famous false hate crime in American history. Smollett was initially defended by the left, but after it became apparent that he had a lot of cow excrement in him, they abandoned the bandwagon.

Other people on both sides of politics have criticized the actor for his behavior. They noted that this only made things worse for the real victims of hate crime. The actor denies that he faked an attack. However, the overwhelming evidence shows that he did. This has made the situation even worse.

Smollett’s legal team has indicated they plan on taking the case to the Supreme Court. Even if the Supreme Court agreed to hear this case, the outcome is unlikely to be different.