Have Democrats Abandoned Rural America?


In recent years, there has been much discussion about Democrats becoming a coastal elite party that doesn’t know anything about rural America. Leftists remain paternalistic and believe they can sell false narratives to flyover land residents.

For example, take this opinion piece by The New York Times entitled “Biden has already done more for rural America than Trump ever did.” Rep. Eric Swalwell, a well-known Chinese spy-lover, shared the article via Twitter.

Here’s an example.

It is amazing to see that, just days later, an Op-Ed was published by The New York Times. The headline stated, “What Democrats don’t understand about rural America.”

This wasn’t one of those token Opinion guest essays that the Times occasionally has a conservative write. It was co-written by a self-styled “progressive” state senator from Maine and the man who managed both of her campaigns. The first paragraph comes out of the gate with some tough love.

The New York Times

NOBLEBORO (Maine) — This is what we say to fellow Democrats with love. In the last decade, you have neglected rural communities. Rural voters received a clear message.

This article is not limited to Maine and one politician. This fact is highlighted by the authors who point out receipts.

Rural Maine is not the focus of this story. It’s about a pattern of neglect in the country that occurred just weeks before the 2018 elections. MSNBC’s Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee said that it is impossible to knock on rural American doors.

These authors explain Senator McCain’s success in traditional retail politics by noting that they “knocked in over 20,000 doors” during her campaigns. To be honest, I didn’t know that there were even 20,000 Maine residents.

This article supports the claim of right-wing nuts that Democrats are condescending and paternalistic towards rural Americans.

These defeats should prompt deep soul-searching among party members. Some mainstream Democrats and political scientists have taken rural Republicans to task because they are too ignorant to vote in their best interests.

In the last two years, Chloe has knocked on over 20,000 doors and listened to stories about isolation and loss. Another voter stated that she was not sure if she would vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton until Election Day. She voted for Trump because he spoke about American workers at the convention, but she didn’t vote for Clinton.

Democrats shouldn’t feel this way towards rural Republicans.

The 2016 Presidential election showed how out-of-touch Democrats are about flyover nations. Granny Maojackets fled the Midwest in order to believe that the rubes of the hinterlands would take the media spin and vote Democrat.

Trump was a Manhattan billionaire and entrepreneur who ran tirelessly in the elections for office in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

It was clear that the rubes could vote in their best interests.

Biden deceived many Democrats. He promised to be moderate during the presidency.

In interviews and writings, I have stated that Biden has established two Democratic parties. Iowa farmer who is worried about fuel prices and fertilizer costs won’t be identified with coastal Dems obsessed with ensuring that girls who claim to be boys can urinate in the ladies’ room.

Despite its appeal, it is unlikely that the Democratic elite will respond to this article. Rural America is informed by this article and it has more support than any other evidence.

Do not take my word for this. I am certain that we will hear from many rural people in November.