Crockett’s Viral Sensation Sparks Cringe-Worthy Reactions


Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s (D-Texas), “bleach blonde butch body,” remark to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene went viral, and she received applause by many on the left who were glad to see someone standing up to the Georgia Republican.

Some cringed as well, especially when the insult’s alliteration sunk in.

Crockett, in attacking Greene for his earlier sarcastic comment about Crockett’s eyelashes made by him, used language which was demeaning to a whole category of people.

Victoria Kirby York is the director of Public Policy and Programs for the National Black Justice Coalition. She said, “While I was very proud of Rep. Crockett, for her fierce advocacy for herself, as well as for others, I found it offensive that she used the word butch to describe MTG.”

In an email, York said: “As I had feared, misogynists and homophobes used her words to attack women who are masculinely presented and women with masculine characteristics.”

Crockett’s use of the term “butch”, which is a descriptor used to describe women who are more masculine in their gender presentation, was meant as an insult against Greene.

Crockett posted a later message on social platform X in which she appeared to apologize for using the term. She said that she “will always be 10 toes to the side of the community & mean no harm to anyone within the community.”

She also plans to sell T-shirts with the slogan repeated in full, a move she defended on Thursday’s “The View”.

She said that she did the trademark because “there was a need.” Later, she added that the money raised from the viral moment would help her to “save democracy.”

Crockett represents Texas’s solidly-blue 30th Congressional District. She is running for reelection in this year, but she does not face a Republican challenger. She won the Democratic primaries in March with over 90 percent of votes.

York stated, “As an admirer of Rep. Crockett’s remarks, I assume that she meant them to be directed specifically at MTG rather than to the general public.”

The brilliant legal and parliamentary rules she used to ask for clarification made her words easily misconstrued. Newsfeeds are full of comments about women with conditions like hirsutism and alopecia. Also, women with deep voices and women with hirsutism.

Social media has been flooded with Crockett memes. Some fans wrote gospel, country and rap songs which quickly became viral.

Greene, who was a former CrossFit owner, posted a video on social media of her lifting weights shortly after the conversation. She wrote: “Yes, my body is strong and built, NOT with plastic or silicone, but by a healthy lifestyle.”

Greene has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights since she was elected to the House of Representatives in 2021. Greene has previously called for the end of LGBTQ Pride Month in June, which is celebrated every year.

York stated that “[Crockett]’s] clapback would be just as brilliant if one word was removed from the alliteration — butch.” “I hope that everyone who is considering capitalizing on this viral moment — including Rep. Crockett — removes the word butch from their alliteration.”

This doesn’t seem to be the situation. A fundraising email sent by President Biden’s reelection campaigns on Wednesday featured a message written by Crockett. The subject line was “BBBBBB”, an apparent reference of Crockett’s insult.

Crockett’s remarks were not met with much criticism by the national LGBTQ advocacy groups, which normally criticize members of Congress or public figures who use disparaging language towards the LGBTQ community.

The Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD (the LGBTQ media advocacy group), the Congressional Equality Caucus – of which Crockett belongs – and the Congressional Equality Caucus did not respond to requests for comment.