Fetterman Can’t Control His Confusion in New Remarks


We have been covering many of John Fetterman’s issues, including his health and radical policies. Also, we have covered his inability to appear for a lot his previous jobs as lieutenant governor or the mayor of Braddock.

Fetterman’s latest comments raise more questions about Fetterman’s health. Fetterman and his staff need to be honest about their medical conditions and allow people to talk to him.

Here Fetterman talks about his Senate race against Dr. Mehmet O, his Republican opponent. He doesn’t refer to it as a race, and his words came out in a messy mess.

It is now clear that he has problems with mental coherence. This is not a way to take a dig at him. It’s simply what the evidence shows. He believes he is in a “rice” race. He cannot string together words and is not able to comprehend the task. Even in good health, it can be difficult. Fetterman had problems showing up to his duties as Mayor and Lieutenant Governor. Fetterman was already having problems showing up and doing his jobs as Mayor and Lt. Governor before the stroke. He is not fine, and this should concern everyone, especially when we consider how much coherence issues can hurt us when it comes down to Joe Biden. This is unacceptable. As we saw with Biden, Democrats don’t care a lick. They will conceal all issues in order to win and maintain control.

Jonathan Turcotte, National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesperson, told Breitbart Fetterman is unable perform the duties of Senator. He also said that Fetterman “continues to mislead voters regarding his health.” He should be open and transparent once more, and immediately release his medical records.

Fetterman will only say that he is improving and refuses to give his records to the voters. I don’t understand how anyone could vote to elect him for this reason alone. This is a terrible situation.

In the primary, Fetterman’s opponent Malcolm Kenyatta explained how Fetterman didn’t apologize for pulling the shotgun upon the black jogger. He also noted that he wanted to question Fetterman then since it is rare to have Fetterman at debate — another shot showing Fetterman does not show up.
Fetterman lied, saying it didn’t happen.