Guess Who Outed John Fetterman As A Lazy Bum?


As more polls indicate Lt. Gov. Dr. Mehmet Oz is gaining momentum, we’ve reported previously that Dr. Mehmet O appears to be gaining momentum in the last weeks of the midterm elections. John Fetterman’s lead is shrinking to within the margin.

Fetterman’s troubles may just be beginning. A new report by the Associated Press examines Fetterman’s time as lieutenant governor in Pennsylvania and mayor of Braddock. It shows that his record is not up to his rhetoric.

The Associated Press reveals that records from Fetterman’s four-year tenure as lieutenant governor offer a different picture of his time in the $179,000-a-year elected position. According to an Associated Press review, Fetterman’s attendance and daily schedules show that he was a light worker and often missed state business.

According to the AP, Fetterman had been working for only 4 to 5 hours on most days, even though he was supposed to be busy.

Are you still surprised? It shouldn’t. A New York Post report reveals that his parents supported him financially for 13 years as Braddock’s mayor. He was paid $150 per year and was then sworn in as lieutenant governor at 49. His parents paid him $54,000 in 2015 alone. He and his family now live in a large Braddock loft, which his sister bought for $70,000 and then gave to Fetterman for $1.

Fetterman claims to be a working man but, in reality, he is a moocher who’s never had a job. Are Pennsylvanians really looking for this man in the Senate? Fetterman called it in before his stroke. Does anyone think he will finally get to work?