Two Dead, Multiple Injured After Las Vegas Stabbing Attack


A knife attack at a Las Vegas casino left two people dead and eight other victims with injuries on Thursday.

According to Captain Dori Koren, Metropolitan Police Department, police responded to reports of a stabbing at Wynn Casino off Las Vegas Boulevard just before noon. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, one person was taken into custody and three victims were transported to nearby hospitals.

According to Koren, the suspect was detained “very quickly,” as reported by the Daily Mail. The crime scene was searched by authorities and a knife was recovered.

A witness stated that “a man just started stabbing” and “slashing.” Maxime Wallace, a Canadian tourist, stated that “everything happened too fast it was difficult to see.”

Video footage from the scene showed victims being carried on stretchers. The motive behind the stabbing was not revealed by authorities.

Pierre Fandrich, another Canadian tourist gave his account through a translator.

Wallace translated for Fandrich from French to English according to the Review-Journal.

Fandrich stated that he saw four or five women dressed up as showgirls in the Wynn casino.

Fandrich stated that there was only one showgirl. “There was another girl on top of her trying to help her friend. Although she seemed to have been stabbed in her back, she wasn’t aware because she was helping another showgirl.”

Fandrich stated that there was “a lot of blood on the ground.” A tourist also saw another person lying on the ground, apparently stabbing someone about 100 feet away from the showgirls.