Fauci Confirms When He’s Retiring


Joe Biden’s chief physician advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci was the long-serving head of the NIAID and the architect of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Now, he has revealed his retirement date.

Politico reports that Anthony Fauci, who has served more than 50 years under seven presidents, is leaving before the term ends for President Joe Biden.

The Lancet published a July 2020 study that looked at data from 50 countries and found no decrease in COVID-related deaths from lockdowns. A second study, published a few months later, used data from 160 countries to reach a similar conclusion. Many other studies have since reached similar conclusions, including one by Johns Hopkins University earlier this year.

Fauci was the architect of the nation’s COVID response. We not only closed down the economy and schools but also universally masked everyone. Fauci knows that masks don’t protect people from the virus. Fauci even advocated double masking, despite no evidence to support it.

Fauci is also a source of controversy. We’ve learned over the past year and half that Fauci lied about funding gain of function research in Wuhan. He also claimed that COVID-19 had been potentially engineered, but he insisted for more than a decade that it was natural. Fauci was not afraid to speak out in the media about the disgusting and unnecessary experiments he performed on dogs.

Why does Fauci now have an exit strategy for his business? Fauci, it turns out, is anticipating a flurry of criticism from Republicans who are widely predicted to win control of Congress in November and will likely launch a series of investigations.

There is no reason to believe otherwise, given his track record.