Even the Washington Post Wonders if the Justice Department Went Too Far in Raiding Project Veritas


Recent news reported that the FBI raided the Colorado Elections Clerk’s (R-Colo.) campaign manager’s houses. Biden’s handlers made the Justice Department an authoritarian tool in their attempts to criminalize any dissent. The rapid pace at which corruption is progressing is so evident that even the Washington Post, a trusted mouthpiece for the Deep State, is starting to question if this is too much.

If you’re on the left and lose the Post, it is an indication that you’ve gone too far. This is obvious at this point. The Post calls for an immediate halt to the Injustice Department.

Erik Wemple pointed out the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Post Media Critic. It is almost like Colonel Sanders has an ice cream critic. He replied, “I’m sorry. This is concerning from a Press Freedom perspective – unless and until DOJ releases evidence Protect Veritas in the theft of Ashley Biden’s diary. The raids could be deemed a violation of the Privacy Protection Act if there is none.

Yes. Wemple said that Project Veritas purchased the rights of the diary from James O’Kefe’s lawyer Paul Calli. Wemple said, “So were the raids by the feds justified?” ” Project Veritas claims no. Project Veritas claims no. ”

Journalism is being investigated. Although the actions of the Washington Post cannot be considered journalism, Wemple informs his angry readers that federal law protects activities such as Project Veritas span>

“The Privacy Protection Act was passed as a response to Zurcher V. Stanford Daily,” Timm tweeted. The Supreme Court made it legal for police officers to search newspaper material in order to discover evidence of criminal wrongdoing. It prohibits the search and seizure of any work product material that is in the possession of any person who reasonably believes they are having the purpose of disseminating to the public a newspaper, book, broadcast, or similar form.

Yes. No. But, who watches the situation?

Wemple quotes Timm saying that “I have never spoken positively of Project Veritas throughout my entire life.” It shouldn’t matter here. It doesn’t. Project Veritas wouldn’t have allowed Tiffany Trump to have her diary, and the Garland Justice Department wouldn’t have attempted to raid it. Wemple stated: “The most important thing is whether or not there’s probable cause to believe that Project Veritas was involved in criminality.” Timm states that journalists shouldn’t be concerned if they do have probable cause evidence. It is important that the Justice Department has some goods.

Yes. Does it? Will the Washington Post or the rest of the establishment media care?