Federal Judge Fast-Tracks Lawsuit Against Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Employees


A judge recently expedited a case against the COVID-19 mandate for healthcare workers by the Biden admin. Judge Terry Doughty expedited the lawsuit from 12 states, which was led by Louisiana AG Jeff Landry.

AG Landry states how Biden’s policy is unconstitutional and immoral, adding how it was yet another attempt at breaking the backs of the American working class. He said he is happy with Judge Doughty’s order and looks forward to defeating the federal government overreach.

The suit challenges the mandate of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which claims that all employees and contractors at the facilities must receive the COVID vaccine.

All briefs related to the case must be submitted by December in order to expedite the briefing schedule. Judge Doughty’s order was concise and only two pages long.

Landry states that he would continue to fight against the Biden admin’s mandate as he continues to bully citizens. He said he will continue fighting for them, and that the main principle of our great nation is freedom.