CBO Proves the Biden Administration Is Lying on Multiple Fronts


The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office recently declared President Joe Biden, copresident Ron Klain and Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be liars while talking about any catastrophes in the Middle East or along our southern border. They have long maintained that their Build Back Better social spending package is costless, despite sane counter-arguments that the bill is more expensive than nothing.

The White House has started to prepare lawmakers for a disappointing estimate by the budget office and finding out that the total cost of the package cannot be fully funded with new tax revenue over ten years. Senior administration officials have urged lawmakers to ignore the budget assessment, claiming it is too conservative in its calculations.

The Biden administration also continues to mislead and ignore the chaos at the southern border, with updated numbers showing that U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reported over 1.6 million illegal border crossers in the last fiscal year. This is near twice the number of the fiscal years preceding the pandemic and four times that of the total for the period that overlapped with the pandemic.

CBP only encountered 310,000 people trying to cross the Rio Grande into California or Arizona during President Donald Trump’s term. After the initial 400,00, CBP saw an increase to 859,000 in fiscal 2019, before dropping to 410,000.

Although the monthly total has fallen from its peak, it is still significantly higher than in previous years. It is clear that the migrants have received information from relatives who have made it or the media.

Sen. Chuck Grassley slammed Biden’s administration at a recent hearing that featured DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Mayorkas was criticized for the policies that created a crisis at the southern border.

The Iowan stated that the Department of Homeland Security has the responsibility of protecting the citizens of the U.S. The Administration and DHS have failed both in ignoring the immigration laws passed through Congress and in pursuing policies that encourage uncontrolled illegal immigration to unprecedented levels to the U.S.

Biden has not yet visited the border between Mexico and the United States.