Even Democrats Are Getting Sick of Presidentish Joe Biden


Biden’s presidency continues to set new records. According to the latest AP poll, this is only 39%.

Two out of ten Americans think the country is moving in the right direction. This is a worrying indicator for a Democrat Party that is desperate to keep power in the House of Senate with a razor-thin majority.

The AP reports that these drops were concentrated in the Democratic Party. Only 33% of members of the president’s political party said that the country was moving in the right direction in April compared to 49% in April.

Biden has lost as many Republicans and independents as possible, so any new low that he reaches will be largely from his base which is leaving him in ever greater numbers.

Honesty to Biden’s hardworking Administration, last year very few of their policies were in effect. Food prices have not fallen since Trump’s policies took effect

Biden is getting less love from his sister (and (other?) Democrats.

Biden’s approval rating among Democrats at 73% is a substantial drop from his earlier presidency. This is a problem especially for Biden prior to the midterm elections.