Former FBI Attorney Just Threw Sussmann’s Defense for A Loop in Durham Russia Collusion Case


Recently, Michael Sussmann was attacked by the FBI’s former general counsel. The jury will be interested to see if Sussmann, a former Hillary Clinton lawyer, and DNC lawyer in 2016.

Sussmann is currently being investigated for lying to James Baker (ex-FBI General Counsel). He claimed that he was bringing down Donald Trump to fulfill his civic duty, and not serve his client, Hillary Clinton.

John Durham (Special Counsel to Hillary Clinton) has provided documents showing that Hillary Clinton was charged by Sussmann for her work in the Russian Collusion Alfa-Bank Misinformation.

Baker said that Sussmann had lied to him and that he was not bringing the fake Alfa-Bank Trump Russia connection information for any client. I have a matter to discuss. I am here alone, not for any client or company. Thank you for helping Bureau. ”

Durham only charges Sussmann for lying to the FBI. The Special Counsel’s team hopes to show the court how the Clinton campaign used its access at the top of the CIA and FBI to create a disinformation feedback loop system.

Mission accomplished.

Several news agencies picked up on the disinformation operation that claimed Trump was a spy and had a secret hotline with Moscow’s Kremlin server. A Fusion GPS Sussmann worker testified Wednesday that he met Franklin Foer at Franklin Foer’s house to disseminate disinformation.

Slate published the story. It made Hillary Clinton and Jake Sullivan feel better. It was also used to promote disinformation on Twitter.

Baker claimed that he wasn’t trying to get Michael. However, Sussmann claimed no client was behind the Alfa-Bank disinformation. In a subsequent meeting, “Bill Priestap,” the assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, and Trisha Anderson made this claim. Both men claimed that they had no connection to a client as stated in their meeting notes.

It is worth considering whether the FBI would have treated Trump’s dirt differently if they had known it was from Hillary Clinton. According to the Washington Examiner Baker claimed that the FBI was already investigating Trump’s Russian connections. This matter was both “very concerning” and “of great urgency.” ”

Durham’s case against Sussmann rests on the materiality and lies of the FBI.

We will wait and see if they notice.