GOP Lawmaker Stuns Dem Hearing Witness in Revealing Exchange on Abortion Until Birth Argument


We previously reported on the very telling exchanges that occurred during Wednesday’s Congressional hearing regarding abortion. The hearing’s title was “Revoking Your Rights.” “The Ongoing Crisis in Abortion Care Access” indicated that the hearing was organized by House Democrats to draw attention to the alleged extremism of Republicans opposing the horrendous practice.

Instead, it was revealed that the Democratic side is downright inhumane as well as ghoulish extremism. A purported member of the Democratic party’s medical staff stated that “What makes someone human?” and another House Democratic leader declined to answer the question of whether he would agree to an abortion ban in cases where incest or rape occurred. One so-called reproductive justice advocate stated that women can get pregnant and then have an abortion.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R.La. However, he made an even more powerful exchange. Rep. Mike Johnson (R.La.) had a powerful exchange with Aimee Arrambide. It was informative and insightful. Aimee Arrambide was left speechless by Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) after he exposed all of the problems with the “abortion until birth” arguments. Both Democrats and witnesses backed this argument Wednesday, either verbally or in action.

What happened between Johnson & Arrambide?

“If taking the life of a 10-year-old child is not morally or legally permissible, then I assume you agree with that,” stated Mr. That would be wrong.

She said, “I believe it is wrong.”

He said, “And a two-year-old child, the same thing.” This would be murder and everyone agrees that it is wrong. “What is the primary difference between a two-year-old, nine-month-old, an hour old, or one that is eight inches up the birth canal?

After a brief period of speechlessness, she returned her familiar refrain: “I believe that people will decide what they do with themselves” ”

Johnson replied “Wow!” You can say you support the termination of that child at any time. This is terrifying.


My colleagues and I have noticed that Democrats are losing support on cultural and social issues. This includes abortion on request. An increasing number of Americans, including a majority, support banning abortion after 15 weeks. Democrats, who have relied on the “most Americans don’t want abortions outlawed” mantra, are now in serious trouble.

The Democrats were wrong from the beginning of the abortion debate. They portrayed their political opponents as backward patriarchists who want women to be subjugated. Abortion advocates now reveal with every word who the real radical zealots are. They won’t answer specific questions until birth about abortion, claim that unborn children don’t have birthdays, and deny that there are any restrictions that would allow them to be allowed to rape or incest.

Next time a Democrat says “You are an extremist!” To get out of a jam, remind them about all this and remind them that they will take the “moral high ground”, arguments made by pro-abortion leftists on any issue until the 12th Of Never.