Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Aaron Rodgers After Emotional Encounter, and Rodgers Fires Back with Blazing Response


Jimmy Kimmel recently did a seven-minute monologue in which he slammed Aaron Rodgers, making fun of his community college beginnings. Rodgers has responded with a scathing takedown.

How did we arrive at this point? Kimmel called Rodgers a “concussed wacko”, because he discussed the Epstein clients list in an interview. Rodgers responded by suggesting on Pat McAfee’s show, that Kimmel’s protestations might mean he doesn’t want to release the Epstein client list for some reason.

Jimmy Kimmel and many others, including Rodgers, hope that this doesn’t happen.

The comment was not a direct accusation of Kimmel being on the list. However, it still triggered the late-night host who had previously attacked Rodgers over his views regarding COVID-19.

Remember that Kimmel is complaining because someone is spreading a rumor he believes is unfounded. This is what he was doing for years about Donald Trump when it came to this Russian collusion nonsense. Kimmel is a snarky guy who can be frank, but when his name is mentioned, he gets upset and says that his family’s safety could be in danger.

But the late-night host was not done. The host then launched into a tirade against Rodgers on his show.

KIMMEL: A guy who went to a community school, got into Cal as a football scholar, didn’t finish, and never studied the human body, is an immunology expert. Put on a magic mask and he became a genius. Aaron Rodgers’ report card had two A’s, both of which were in the word “Aaron.”

Kimmel attended Arizona State University which accepts almost everyone with a pulse. Kimmel, who is not an immunologist, spent hours on his TV show ranting at anyone who dared to question the COVID-19 narrative. Kimmel rose to fame while wearing blackface and making boob jokes, whereas Rodgers was climbing the ranks in a highly competitive sport.

Kimmel said a lot more, but I think you get the picture. His team of writers wrote some jokes to slap Rodgers back. Why was the comedian upset when Rodgers brought up the Epstein clients list as if there were some sort of grand conspiracy to have clients for the pedophile?

But the quarterback did not let things go. He returned to McAfee’s show and launched a takedown.

RODGERS: I was referring to the idea that if a list is made, which hasn’t been released yet, it is only a deposition. Right, and names are on it, that would mean that this was the second instance that a junior college student who was soft-brained and wacko was right.

I understand that he is upset because of the allegation. Did you read the quote? You’re right, I said exactly that (see the quote at the beginning of this article) what I said verbatim on the show. Even though you consider me an idiot and have made many comments about my intelligence I am not stupid enough to make such an accusation without any concrete evidence. That’s ridiculous.

I am glad that you are not on that list. I also think that we can all agree that those who are, should have an investigation done into their involvement. Especially if they were on the island. At the very least, an investigation should be conducted. I hope you will give the same amount of attention to these crimes, when they are revealed, and their names are known, as you did to other topics that I mentioned you worked on.

Kimmel looks weak at the end of this ordeal. It would have been fine if he had just responded with a few jokes to Rodgers. It was not funny to go all out on social media, and then have his writers scream at the quarterback for seven minutes. Rodgers’ behavior got to Kimmel, and the late-night host could not take it. He should probably stick to whispering sweet nothings in Joe Biden’s ear.