Elon Musk Announces ‘General Amnesty’ for Suspended Twitter Accounts and the Left Has Another Meltdown


Elon Musk did it again. After Musk announced that he was taking another step in support of free speech on Twitter, leftists are experiencing yet another Musk-induced meltdown.

Musk asked users on Wednesday if they wanted to grant “a general amnesty for suspended accounts”.

As expected, the “yes” vote won by 72.4 percent to 27,6 percent. This means that there are more users who don’t want censorship than those who support it.

Musk told the platform on Thanksgiving that he would grant the amnesty next Wednesday. He tweeted, “The people have spoken.” “Amnesty starts next week.”

He hasn’t yet specified what kind of amnesty he would offer and which accounts would be restored. However, the poll stated that those who used the platform to break the law’s provisions would be banned. The decision was praised by those on the right. The left? But not so.

Tom Nichols, columnist for The Atlantic, replied:

He had always intended to open all accounts to banned accounts again. However, he didn’t want the responsibility. He still doesn’t get why advertisers are so reticent.

He still doesn’t get the Latin phrase he uses.

Alex Stamos, from the Election Integrity Partnership (an organization that is responsible for much the censorship on the site), made a Batman reference.

This was correctly called “Joker releasing Arkham Asylum inmates”

@CaseyNewton – in this instance, it’s after 2/3 Gotham PD were laid off or quit.

Happy Thanksgiving

Michael Edison Hayden, Southern Poverty Law Center’s Michael Hayden, pulled from the progressive playbook to claim that this move would only encourage white supremacy. He tweeted:

Feel free to associate Tesla or other Elon Musk-related businesses with Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos.

He is bringing back white supremacy in a major way and wants all to be aware of it.

According to the Associated Press, a report stating that Musk’s purchase of the company has seen “groups that monitor it for racist, anti-Semitic, and other toxic speech” increase on the platform was published. This is an odd claim, given that Musk tweeted a chart that showed that the number of instances of hate speech being spread on Twitter has decreased even more than before he took control.

The report did not blame Musk for his decision to lay off half of the company’s employees. It also noted that Musk “has been becoming increasingly chummy on Twitter [with right-wing figures]”.

The report’s author failed to specify which “right-wing figures” they were referring to. Media-savvy people know that activists label anyone who views against progressivism “far-right extremists”.

According to Axios, activists have warned that such a move could make matters worse if former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke was allowed back onto the site. The Guardian was told by Imran Ahmed, the CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

This latest Twitter decision will only benefit those who are a superspreader of hate, abuse, and harassment.

Hopewell Chinono, a Zimbabwean journalist, said that this would be a “major disaster, especially in Africa, where State sponsored Ghost accounts were stopped for endangering journalists & human rights activists!”

Musk hasn’t yet specified which accounts would be banned. It is possible that Twitter will not allow these criminals to use its platform.

Let’s face facts. This has nothing to do white supremacy. This has to do with the reality that the left doesn’t want to accept. They are terrified that the opposition will be able to voice their opinions on an equal playing field. They are afraid of what this might mean for their influence so they resort to the “everything’ strategy. Unfortunately, no one is listening to them.