Washington Pressured Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Shut Down Freedom Convoy


January 2022 marked the end of exemptions from vaccinations for cross-border truckers traveling between the United States, Canada. About 15,000 Canadian truckers who regularly cross the border frequently were left suddenly unemployed.

They were very encouraging to hear. They occupied Parliament Hill.

After much deliberation, Canadian authorities finally decided to declare a nationwide crisis and use emergency power. The Canadian authorities were able to prohibit travel to protest sites, block streets with trucks and place a ban on bank accounts of protesters.

Hearings must be held by the Canadian parliament about emergency powers. Chrystia freeland, Finance Minister told the Public Order Emergency Commission she received a call form Brian Deese, Director of the National Economic Council, and was Biden’s top economist advisor.

Freeland sent an email message to her staff stating that she was “very, very, very worried.” “All their northeastern automobile plants will be closed if the matter is not solved within 12 hours. ”


Deese acknowledged, during the conversation with Transport Canada, the interconnectedness of cross-border economic systems that Canadians often stress with American counterparts. To halt trade, the blockades would have cost C$3.9 trillion.

Freeland asked Deese if he could arrange a phone call between Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Brian Clow was Trudeau’s deputy head of staff. He had already been provided with information by White House officials including Juan Gonzalez (special assistant for the President and National Security Council senior director for the Western Hemisphere).

Gonzalez wanted Jody Thomas to be linked with officials from Department of Homeland Security.

Why would Trudeau’s national-security adviser want to meet with American officials at Homeland Security? Trudeau must solve this mystery next week when he appears before the committee.

Trudeau, Biden clearly were scared by Freedom Convoys. The committee will investigate whether or not the invocation of emergency powers was justified.

It’s unclear what the effect of emergency powers on blocking the border is. According to the inquiry, documents showed that law enforcement agencies did not require the Emergencies Act to open the border.

Brenda Lucki, RCMP Commissioner said that the force used its “existing instruments” to arrest people at an Alberta crossing on February 14. The invocation was on the same day. The protesters from Coutts (Alba.) left the area the next day.

Officials from Manitoba claimed in emails that the border blockade had been lifted without emergency powers.

The Canadians reacted as one would expect from a liberal government in an unrelated situation. They overreacted to the state’s harsh treatment of people who didn’t agree with their vaccination mandates.

The mandates proved futile and were later withdrawn. Trudeau reportedly wanted to use the emergency orders to intimidate protestors rather than to try to restore order.