Drag Queens Backtrack on ‘Coming for Your Children’ Comment After Backlash


Those drag queens have a great sense of humor, don’t they? I mean, who wasn’t laughing when the drag nuns parodied the crucifixion or mocked the Eucharist?

This is a real knee-slapper.

In that spirit. New York City drag queen protesters chanted while marching in a pride parade, “We’re here. We’re queer. We’re coming for your children!”

It’s not very poetic. The poem doesn’t rhyme, and it isn’t exactly written in iambic pentameter. We’re told it’s in good humor. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence claimed that they were making fun of Catholics in order to bring attention to “bigotry.” The New York City marchers who chanted what many interpreted as a threat, were just having a good time.


Brian Griffin, who was the original organizer of NYC Drag March said that if this is the worst thing they’ve heard, then it’s because he wasn’t there.

Griffin claimed that he had chanted offensive things like “Kill kill kill, we are coming to kill Mayor” and made jokes about pubic hair during marches. The Drag March sings “God Is a Lesbian” regularly.

Griffin replied, “It’s just words.” “It is all being presented to satisfy their worst stereotypes about us.”

It’s only words, right? What’s wrong with making fun of men in women’s clothing who act lewdly and sexually suggestively in public, including in front of kids? Use “just words” when making fun of transgender people, gay men, or lesbians. Doesn’t this fulfill the “worst stereotypes” of LGBTQs? That would be exactly what you are doing when you mock Christians and conservatives.


Griffin, and many other drag activists, are blind to their hypocrisy due to their extreme extremism. The majority of people don’t care about their narcissistic behavior. They’re coarse and unfeeling. Drag queens who mock Christianity or those who do not share their morbid fantasies to gain attention would be funny – if they were allowed to be laughed at.

Gay rights activists and long-time Pride marchers say that the “coming for your kids” chant is one of several provocative expressions to control slurs directed at LGBTQ people. In this case, they say, right-wingers are using a single video as a weapon to weaponize a comment that is out of context to further stigmatize queer people.

I don’t think gay people “come” to take our children. The “groomer’s” accusation is overblown, and I think it’s used way too often to make a political point. Isn’t it just as offensive to laugh at people’s fears, whether they are justified or not? Especially when “humor” mocks the deeply held beliefs of religious people?

One of the organizers, a sane and rational person named “Hucklefaery Ken”, claims that drag queens are there to “protect” the children.

Hucklefaery said: “We will not tolerate harm to any child. We advocate for the encouragement and protection of all children to be able to live their authentic, true lives without fear or persecution.”

What if you could be free from being mocked for your faith?