Kamala Harris Calls on Teenage Girls to Fight for Abortion Rights


Kamala Harris usually screams or babbles incoherent words that make even Joe Biden, who mumbles his way through Toastmasters, look like an expert. Harris’s message on the Dobbs ruling, which overturned Roe V. Wade in effect, was as clear as a ringing bell.

The energized vice president, in an exclusive Teen Vogue interview, called on teenage girls and women to support the Democrats’ aggressive agenda of abortion-on-demand. She also urged them to fight “extreme” abortion bans.


In December, 49 of the 50 Senate Democrats voted for a failed bill that included the right to abortion on demand (infanticide), until the moment of conception. My Democrat friends, is that extreme?

Harris spoke by phone with Teen Vogue after delivering a Dobbs Anniversary speech in North Carolina, where she lamented the end of Roe v. Wade. She also called pro-life Republicans extremists.

Most Americans I believe agree that you don’t have to give up your faith or deeply held beliefs in order to support abortion on demand.

After the video, we will explain why the vice president’s statement was false.

Harris’s claim is misleading because the wording of survey questions has a great impact on the percentages of respondents who support or are opposed to abortion. While a majority of Americans support legal abortion, they also favor restrictions on abortion rights, as NPR reported in 2019 based on an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll.

According to a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll, three-quarters of Americans want to maintain the landmark Supreme Court decision, Roe V. Wade, which made abortion legal in the United States. However, a large majority wants to restrict abortion rights.

The survey revealed a lot of contradiction and complexity among Americans that went beyond the talking points from the loudest voices. There is a general dissatisfaction with the abortion policy.

Nearly two-thirds said they were somewhat or very unsatisfied. This includes 66 percent of “pro-lifers” and 62% who identify themselves as “pro-choice.”

Here’s a question. If Harris is so sure that the majority of Americans are in favor of on-demand abortive, then why does she ask teenage girls to push for the Democrats’ agenda on on-demand?

Harris tells Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue readers should know that you are a leader. By virtue of reading this, you are a leader. Your voice and perspective are so vital to the future success of our nation that I am counting on you.

Your vote, your organization skills, and your ability to remind each other of your leadership abilities will be important ways to express yourself. The young people who can vote are in a position to change the composition and make the members of Congress more receptive to fundamental freedoms.

It is no wonder that House Democrats failed to pass an amendment in March 2022 to lower the voting age federally to 16. The vote was 125-302, and the majority of Democrats voted in favor 125-93.

It was a classic example of the Democrat Party’s operation.

The Democrat Party tries to change laws and rules if it can’t win. This includes lowering the voting age, opposing voter ID laws, or packing the Supreme Court. When Democrats don’t succeed by “anything above”, they usually try to cheat. We won’t go into that in this article.

Harris continued:

Encourage your friends to have conversations about the issues at stake. Let’s start the conversation by saying, hey, that right was taken away by the Supreme Court — Congress can bring it back.

Use your social media accounts to let people know they’re not alone.

It’s important to remind someone who’s going through a tough time or a personal challenge that they are not alone. We won’t judge them but will support them.

Cackles Harris, did you see how she slammed the paint?

The inept veep’s absurd claim that “Congress can put it back in” belied the U.S. Supreme Court’s role as final arbiter and interpreter of the law, and also serves as the guardian of an interpreter of the U.S. Constitution – despite Word Salad Queen’s misguided “confusion.”

Kamala’s approval ratings for toilet bowls look even worse when “placed in context”.

The Democrat Party: deceiving America one lie at a time.