200,000 Babies Saved From Abortion Since Roe Reversal


According to a new estimate, 200,000 babies were saved from abortions in the first year after Roe v. Wade was overturned. This is 200,000 irreplaceable and unique humans who were given a chance to live thanks to the Dobbs V. Jackson Supreme Court ruling in June 2022.

LifeNews published the estimate, based on an analysis by Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, and Sen. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, repeated it at a press conference on Tuesday.

Lankford stated, “The Best Guess that we have about 200,000 babies were born this past year who would not have otherwise been born.” The Dobbs ruling has been a blessing. “That’s 200,000 kids. This is 200,000 happy faces on the playground. This is 200,000 silly songs starting in kindergarten. Lankford said, “That’s 200,000 children who will have the opportunity to look into their eyes.”

LifeNews stated that 200,000 people “would be sufficient to fill a large city like Grand Rapids in Michigan, Vancouver, Washington, or Chattanooga in Tennessee.”

LifeNews also added that “according to National Right to Life, it is estimated that 64,443,118 abortions were performed during the 50 years following Roe v. Wade.” In order to put this in perspective, approximately 1.21 million Americans died in the combined wars of the United States. The number of babies who have been killed by abortions since Roe has surpassed the total number of U.S. war casualties. This is a shocking act of mass murder.

More than two-thirds of Americans believe that abortion should be banned or restricted, despite the crazed displays of grief from Democrats. While Democrats are devoted to baby murder and pro-life organizations, and they promote not only abortion but infanticide as I wrote yesterday. They don’t represent the majority of Americans.

Most people are unaware of the help available to young women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. In America, pro-life crisis pregnancy centers outnumber abortion centers by an estimated three to one. These centers offer mothers supplies, medical services, adoption services, and other aid to help them make the right choice.

There are also 2 million couples waiting to adopt babies (including those with Down syndrome) in America. How many families would be blessed if babies were killed during abortions? Abortion puts women at serious risk for mental health problems, suicide, and other serious issues. It never necessarily saved the mother’s life. Abortion does not solve a problem — it is murder.

After Dobbs, we can celebrate that 200,000 babies were saved from abortion. As the Declaration of Independence intended we ensure that every American has the right to life.