Dov Hikind’s Ground Zero Remarks of Israel’s War Against Hamas


Dov Hikind was a former New York State Assemblyman, and he is also a radio talk show host. He is also a prominent figure in the Jewish American community and a staunch supporter of Israel.

Hikind shared with me recently his visit to Israel after Hamas’ surprise attack of October 7, which left a trail of blood and destruction in its wake. He described his experiences seeing the devastation and damage that terrorists caused.

This cataclysmic incident, also known as Israel’s 911, was the catalyst for Israel’s war against Hamas, a terrorist group backed by Iran that controls the Gaza Strip. In the interview with Mr. Hikind, he delves into the details of the tragic attack on October 7, as well as the circumstances that surround the current conflict.

Hikind began by insisting that Hamas had to be eliminated. He made an interesting comparison between Hamas’s persecution of Jews and Nazis. The former tried to hide their crimes, while the latter reveled in the chance to expose their atrocities. Here, these evil people have videotaped everything… they wanted the public to know. He said, “It’s evil personified.”

Hikind described what he saw and heard when he visited the Hamas-assailant communities. He spoke of being in a house where two girls had been “raped before their parents”. He also talked about how the dried blood from the Hamas terrorists’ massacres of Israeli civilians was still visible on the walls and floors of many homes.

“If you know all these details, then you can only hold one position: Hamas has to be eradicated. There is no alternative. This group must be eliminated. Period. “End of the story.”

Radio host with extensive experience in Middle East analysis and commentary. He has seen the effects of many atrocities during the first two Intifadas. He said that nothing in the region he’s seen so far can compare to what Hamas has done on October 7.

“There has been a great deal of violence and terrorism in Israel. I’ve witnessed it many times over the years. Nothing compares to the events that took place here. It’s now 1,400. That’s way more than a thousand. Close to 1,100 of them are civilians – men, women, children, mothers, and babies…one mother was pregnant and her stomach was cut open. Other things were done that went beyond what you can imagine. I’ve been interviewed on TV, and in other places. This stuff is not something you can write. You can’t tell the truth, you can’t describe what happened or what a human could have done.

He said: “I mean… there’s no comparison between what has happened… in the history of Israel.”

Mr. Hikind highlighted an irony that was heartbreaking in this situation: the Israelis killed in these communities were “people who supported the Palestinians.”

“This is known to those who pay attention to the details. These were the communities that would be able to get along with Palestinians. They are the ones who support a two-state solution. These are the same people who met with the people at the border. The irony is just out of this world. These communities, to quote, “supported the Palestinian cause”.

In terms of the nation of Israel, Mr. Hikind explained the population is now united, after a period in which they were deeply divided over different political issues. He told me, “But everything has been changed.” “This country has never been more united, or as determined to destroy Hamas.”

This country is united, no matter what your political views are. You will witness it further. It’s horrible that innocent Palestinians die. “I feel bad but Hamas is to blame,” he said.

Hikind recalled, in a heartbreaking yet touching note, his journey through the area of the attacks and the sight of members of Zaka (an Israeli emergency response team) on the roadside collecting body parts for identification and to ensure proper burial. What was striking about this moment, however, was the respect shown even to Hamas members who were killed in the fighting.

Two dead terrorists were treated with dignity. “Can you solve that puzzle?”

I asked Mr. Hikind also about the suffering of the civilians in Gaza. He explained how the leadership of Gaza and the West Bank has wronged the refugees by refusing to engage in honest peace talks with Israel.

Mr. Hikind also emphasized Hamas’ authoritarian dictatorship over Gaza that prevents other movements from rising up and ensures a large portion of the population remains radicalized. Since 2007, the terrorist group has never held elections.

What’s happening in Gaza? Yes. Hamas is responsible. It’s not a very free society. You can’t write an op/ed about Hamas in a local Gazan paper, or about [Palestinian Authority leader] Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank. You never get the chance to say “Enough is enough”. You can’t be moderate. Either you follow the instructions or bad things will happen.

Hikind said that the Israeli people view President Joe Biden favorably based on the interactions he has had with them. He said, “I’m not the biggest fan of our President, but…he is a superstar at this moment, without a doubt.”

It is a difficult time for Israel. Joe Biden is here. People are traumatized and worried. For him to speak in this way, it is a momentous occasion. God bless him.”