Passages in Gaza Collapse After IDF Rigs Hamas Tunnels With Explosives


Israeli Defense Forces have reported the destruction of a Hamas underground passage network.

IDF released a video on its social media channels Friday, claiming that it showed the bombings of terror tunnels.

The Israeli military posted on the social media platform X, on Friday, that “IDF soldiers uncovered tunnel shafts and rigged them up with explosives to neutralize Hamas terrorist tunnels.”

Hamas, according to those who track this terror group closely, and also by admissions from its leaders, has constructed a subterranean network of approximately 300 miles that runs beneath homes, schools, and hospitals for civilians in the urban areas of the Gaza Strip.

Many Israeli officials believe that most of the 240 Hamas hostages held since the 7th October attack are hiding somewhere in this underground network.

Yocheved Lifshitz, who is one of the four hostages freed so far, said to the media that “she walked two or three kilometers in wet soil” after being abducted.