Donald Trump Is 2021’s Man of the Year


This is the time of year when “Best Of”, and “Worst Of” lists are created and we reflect on where we have been over the past twelve months. The last 12 months of this year have been actually the last 22 months. This is because the hard work that was the last 10 months of 2020 just bled into the next ten months in 2021, and it kept us from enjoying our time. 

Although I know I’m expecting more in 2022 as you all know, I don’t like to dwell on the negative. Inside, I am quite festive. Therefore, I look for things that aren’t irritating me.

Trump was a great president. He was never afraid to fight. All of us knew Trump was not afraid to throw a punch. It was like drinking with a friend who is a Krav Maga instructor (get it Maga!) Trump will happily whack a mole if there’s trouble.

Trump is currently on the sidelines, but still making moves. He is continuing his sell-out live performances. He also endorses people that he will be able to use in politics should he decide to return. Trump’s endorsement record in 2020 is remarkable. Trump’s 2020 endorsement record was 120-2. It was 17-1 this year. 

Trump’s year did not start well, but he didn’t let it stop him from remaking the Republican Party. The Democrats and their monkeys in mainstream media tell a story about a miserable Trump. But they lie all the time. Kevin noted that he had a very good year as a GOP Kingmaker. This is what we could have hoped for given the circumstances. He has helped to lay the foundation for what could become a remarkable midterm election year by Republicans.

Trump’s greatest achievement in the past year was his ability to keep the Democrats obsessed about him. Although they weren’t going be able to play much with the inept Biden, their little chance of success was destroyed by their obsession with Donald Trump. He was still a monster in their bed and caused them nightmares every night.

So, Trump is my Man Of The Year. Not only because of his endorsement record, Kevin said, but also because he has not let the Democrats experience one moment of their “victory”, in 2020. This man deserves a trophy.