CNN Finally Admits Cloth Masks Don’t Stop COVID (But Nobody Told Biden)


CNN’s Dr. Leana Wein stated Monday night that “Cloth masks do not work for this pandemic.” She continued, “It’s inappropriate for omicron.” It was also not appropriate for alpha, delta, or any other variants because it’s dealing with an airborne product. The CNN host and the other man — I don’t watch cable news — looked incredulous.

This is not a complete turnaround for Wen who was President of Planned Parenthood and also writes for The Washington Post. She tweeted that, last year, she said “Cloth Masks are little more then facial decorations and should never be considered an acceptable form for face covering.” Instead, she urged the government to “require and distribute medical-grade surgical masks for indoor use in crowded spaces.”

Have you ever worn an N95 mask to a restaurant or football game? Even in the best circumstances, those things can be a hassle, even if you’re not trying to eat, have fun or have a pleasant conversation. However, Wen actually promoted cloth masks back in July 2020 on Twitter. She warned that cloth masks are much more comfortable than dialysis lines and ventilators.

Wen also criticized her Twitter followers in October of the same year. She reprimanded her Twitter followers, “We are asked not to cover our noses or mouths and to wash our hands afterward.”

For some reason, what worked in July 2020 doesn’t work in December 2021. It is possible that the reason is political. New York City is home to 29% of all COVID cases in the United States, despite its many mask mandates. We might finally be able to admit that our masks don’t work, Jack Posobiec tweets, “We are in turn” This is the exit from COVID safety theatre. The Dems are panicking about the 2022 midterms. They are so desperate they will do anything to get the truth about COVID.

It is not the complete truth or all of it, but enough truth to allow you to move on from the most controversial COVID restrictions. Omicron’s COVID cases are rising to levels not seen since last year… however, COVID-related deaths have fallen by just 72%. Perhaps we should take a step back.

Evidently, President Joe Biden has not been told. Do you remember Old Joe? He is the alleged president, who delegated his promise to “shutdown this virus” to the state governments. He still has his own approach to personal safety. Biden can be seen at the beach, fully boosted, and double-vaccinated. There is no other company than a dog on a lead and a professional photographer who is only a short distance away. …wearing a cloth-covered mask. You might be wondering what we are supposed to believe. The answer is still “nothing”.