Does Putin or the Democratic Party See Biden as a Bigger Threat?


Joe Biden, the White House shadow minister, is a rambling security risk who has been big on regime change. His hard talk includes sending the 82nd airport into Ukraine and illegally responding to a chemical weapons attack on Ukraine. He also talks about showing Vladimir Putin the emergency exit for regime change.

American ears may think this is the same man who fought with Corn Pop at the Delaware neighborhood pool. Foreign leaders may not be as easily intimidated if they have standing armies of their very own. Threatening to set fire to your neighbor’s home might sound like a great idea until your house is on fire.

The 1960s saw the assassination and resignation of foreign leaders. This was before Jack Kennedy was shot by a communist gunman. Gang wars are not pretty. The regime change Biden might be longing for could turn out to be his own.

One is reminded of Joe Hynes, former Brooklyn District Attorney, who lost his seat in a Democrat primary after being in office since the beginning of time. He was a popular figure who chose to run for another party’s line, only to be indicted for routine practices in the operation of his office. Although he was not convicted, the message was clear. We can use any scandal that you have if you have the slightest connection to it. It all depends on how we feel about you and how well we believe you follow what you’re told. Democrat machine politics 101.

Enter Hunter Biden. The Big Foot media is confirming what should have been news prior to the election in a major way. (Truly these legacy  outfits don’t report news, they report history.)

Two main theories are being floated these days. The first is that the big news outlets want to inform their news consumers about the indictments and lift their news blackouts in a matter of minutes. Another theory is that they are finally honest about covering the Biden White House. Please spare me.

It is more likely that the mainstream media, first and foremost, the public-relations arm of the Democrat Party is signaling the next wild left hook for the southpaw pugilist. Biden, like Joe Hynes, is a remnant from a long-gone age. Perhaps it is time for Biden to quieten down and walk off the stage.

What about Vladimir the Terrible in Moscow, the other political boss? Do you have any information on Joe Biden from the ex-KGB agent who ran the East German police force, where every third person appears to have been paid by the Stasi? The Democrat Party may see Joe Biden, in the long-term, as a greater threat to their fortunes, than Vladimir Putin.