Guess What the Guy Who Wanted to Assassinate Kavanaugh Had In His Suitcase?


What was this man’s plan?

The FBI released the affidavit regarding the Nicholas John Roske case. Roske was taken into custody at the residence of Supreme Court Judge Bretkavanagh Wednesday afternoon. The list of weapons and gear the suspect had on his person reads like something out of a horror movie. Roske, who told police that he planned to assassinate Kavanaugh, was arrested with a suitcase containing “a black tactical chest rig and tactical knife, a Glock 17 pistol with two magazines and ammunition, pepper spray, zip ties, a hammer, screwdriver, nail punch, crowbar, pistol light, duct tape, hiking boots with padding on the outside of the soles, and other items,” according to the FBI.

Some might assume that these items are just ordinary tools you would find in any car’s trunk. Roske had taken a taxi from California to Maryland to get to Kavanaugh’s home.

We are thankful that police were able to get to him before Kavanaugh could kill or maim his family or his security detail.

The suspect, who said he found the address of Kavanaugh’s home on the internet (that’s on YOU, left-wing whack jobs), told Montgomery County Police he was upset about the leaked draft opinion of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, which could potentially overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, and also the recent school shooting in Uvalde. He admitted to targeting Kavanaugh because he believed the justice would “side with Second Amendment decisions that would loosen gun control laws.” He said he planned to kill Kavanaugh and then commit suicide to give his life purpose.

The affidavit provided additional details, I have it linked below: