Biden Glitched so Badly During His Interview That Jimmy Kimmel Had to Cut to a Commercial


Joe Biden came out of hiding to do an in-person interview Wednesday night — a guaranteed softball interview with leftist Jimmy Kimmel, the former host of the misogynistic Comedy Central program, The Man Show.

Not only did the attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh not come up, but Biden’s senility was also on full display, and it is at times difficult to watch this old man try to make a coherent thought.

But Kimmel, wise enough to see the trainwreck unfolding before him, did his best to carry Biden throughout the interview.

In one particularly cringeworthy segment, Biden started babbling nonsense before Kimmel threw him a lifeline and cut to commercial.

“There’s a lot of major things we’ve done,” Biden claimed. “But what we haven’t done is we haven’t been able to communicate it in a way that is magnified another way.”

“Well see, that’s kind of perfect—” Kimmel agreed as Biden continued to ramble.

“Look how the press has changed. Look how the press is it has changed,” Biden said, before he started making up words. ” I know you get—you overstand [sic] it. You don’t just understand it, you overstand. But here’s the deal. One of the things is that it’s very difficult now, to have a… even… with notable exceptions, even a really good reporters, they have to get number clicks on… on… nightly news. So instead of asking the question, anyway, it just, everything gets… gets sensationalized… in ways… but I’m convinced we can get through this. We have to get through it. And one of the things, look—”

Biden’s rambling aside, it’s pathetic that Biden’s handlers are still telling him to go with the old excuse that they have a communication and messaging problem. The media is on their side, spoonfeeding the public the White House talking points. The problem isn’t that the public doesn’t understand; it’s that they aren’t buying the lies. His terrible poll numbers are because of his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and his incompetence in dealing with the nation’s most significant issues, including the border crisis, COVID-19, the supply chain crisis, gas prices, and inflation — not a communication problem.