Disinformation Czar Emerges From Hiding to Celebrate Herself on Cable News


Nina Jankowicz was the disgraced “disinformation chief” who went underground after the collapse of her unconstitutional and ill-fated “Disinformation Governance Board.”

She is back after apparently having not learned any moral lessons. She is proud of herself and the MSNBC actress who interviewed her.

Jankowicz simultaneously plays the world-smallest violin for herself to reflect on the terrible abuse she suffered at the hands of online MAGA terrorists, while also celebrating her bravery and heroism.

So, she can have her cake and eat it too.

Jankowicz, in true Jankowicz fashion, adds a bit of slay-queen feminist salt to her self-aggrandizing narrative. She claims that her ongoing censorship against her political enemies is important for “especially the women who will come after me and hopefully consider public service jobs in the future.”

Jankowicz’s book How to Be a Woman Online: Surviving Harassment and Abuse, and How to Fight back, is promoted by the news actress. It is a powerful and inspiring treatise about the current state of upper-middle-class white liberal females in America.

Jankowicz states, “This is not something our democracy can sustain if it’s allowed to go forward much further like this.”

Here’s a summary of the literature she sells for anyone who is interested:

Online harassment and abuse are a growing problem for women in journalism, politics, and academia. Jankowicz, along with some of the most prominent extremist researchers in the world, wrote one of the most comprehensive reports ever written on this disturbing phenomenon.

Nina draws on extensive research about Kamala Harris’ treatment – the first female vice-president – and other public and political figures to offer a step-by, personal plan for dealing with harassment, abuse, doxing, and disinformation in online spaces.

Researchers, journalists, and women who have online profiles should all read the results.

Jankowicz, in a striking irony given her government’s role in suppressing Americans’ speech, declares that she is not going “to be silent…I’m going to let them silence us or anyone else,” Jankowicz asserts, referring to “the bullies” on the internet. “And that’s a lot about the book.”

Jankowicz’s frequent appearances on corporate media for fawning interviews about her bravery in shutting off a political speech that was inconvenient to the corporate state is a clear indication of the disconnect these people have from reality. These people have an amazing ability to transform themselves into victims, even as they violently violate basic Constitutional rights.

True to form, Jankowicz concludes with a call to bring Fox News to “justice,” apparently in reference to its ongoing lawsuit over the credibility of the 2020 election results.