Geraldo Rivera Mocked for Suggesting This Man Could Be the Strongest GOP Alternative for POTUS


Geraldo Rivera, Fox News Channel’s personality, suggested that former Gov. Chris Christie could be “the strongest GOP alternative for” President.

Rivera tweeted, “Chris Christie could make a strong GOP candidate for President; savvy swagger, moderation, and toughness.”

Rivera was mocked on social media.

“I must tell you that Geraldo is an impressive man. He has created a very lucrative career out of being wrong so many times. . .” Ned Ryun, CEO and founder of American Majority, tweeted.

Someone else tweeted, “Time to switch over to a non-hallucinogenic Mustache Wax, Dude.”

“Geraldo claims the dumbest things ever spewed by man, but this has got to be the top five stupidest tweets,” wrote someone else.

Christie was the governor of Garden State in early 2010 and early 2018. He ran for president in 2015. However, he lost to Donald Trump in 2016.

Christie stated that he would decide in the next 45-60 days whether to enter the 2024 contest. The Washington Examiner reported this week. “I believe running for president of America is an extremely personal decision. That’s a decision that anyone considering should be able to make for themselves, regardless of what others think.

Ex-President Donald Trump and former U.S. officials have already announced another White House bid. Nikki Haley, Ambassador to the United Nations, and Vivek Ramaswamy, author, and co-founder of Strive.

According to the Examiner, Christie stated that Donald Trump is the top ticket candidate and that he will continue to be Joe Biden for four more years. This to me, Christie believes, was unacceptable for the country.

Rivera described Liz Cheney, then-GOP Rep. from Wyoming, as “a once-in-a-generation stand-up hero” last year.

Rivera stated that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Democratic Representative of New York, “outshines all other members of Congress in eloquence & passionate sincerity” in 2021.