Dianne Feinstein Is a Lot Older Than You Think, and It’s Starting to Show


Thursday’s talk in Washington was that Senator Dianne Feinstein (D.Beijing), is suffering from a severe cognitive decline that makes Old Joe Biden look like a sharp man.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a California Democrat in Congress engaged in an extended conversation recently with Senator Dianne Feinstein. They prepared for a thorough policy discussion similar to those they had had many times with her over the past 15 years. The lawmaker stated that they had to introduce themselves to Feinstein several times over a lengthy interaction.

Although the Chronicle is shocked by the loss of Dianne Feinstein, “a pioneer to many admiring San Franciscans who had watched her for decades,” its shock is just as misplaced than its pronouns. Dianne Feinstein is now 88 years old. It would be quite surprising if she wasn’t in cognitive decline. It is easy to understand her mental infirmity, but it is difficult to comprehend why she continues to be in the Senate.

Carl Sagan was an astronomer who became a popular cultural icon with Cosmos and his parodied ruminations about stars “billions of billions” of light years away. 26 years ago, Carl Sagan was 62 when he died. Dianne Feinstein is more than Carl Sagan. The Ford Edsel was a symbol for our grandparents’ love of overpriced, overhyped cars. It is also an example of how even a successful, wealthy corporation can make a mistake. Dianne Feinstein was 23 years old when the Edsel was first produced. Perhaps she rode one, or owned one.

The hula hoopla craze was born in July 1958. By November, an astonishing twenty-five millions hula hoops had been sold. Perhaps young DiFi bought one to bring life to the local sockhops where they play the most recent rock and roll songs. The biggest names in rock and rolling were not around yet, except for Elvis. While the rock and roll giants of yesterday are slowly dying, some of them remain. Dianne Feinstein is only one month away from being nine years younger than Bob Dylan. When Paul McCartney was born, she was just four days away from celebrating her ninth birthday. Mick Jagger is just 78 years old, while DiFi is almost a decade older.

Feinstein is obviously older than her coworkers. DiFi was one year away from graduation from high school when Chuck Schumer (D.Sinister) was born. Nancy Pelosi, D-Absolut was born in the same year that Feinstein started first grade. Pelosi is now 82. Feinstein was in highschool when Jerry Nadler, D-Stomach Staples, was born. Jerry is a smart 74-year-old. DiFi is three month older than Chuck Grassley (R.Iowa), who is 88.

Why is Dianne Feinstein still in Congress? The Chronicle found out: “The lawmaker who spent hours with Feinstein referred to a classic fable where people are afraid of speaking the truth to a powerful leader: We’ve got an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ problem here.