Okay, I’m Sorry to Say It, but Kamala Harris Really Isn’t Very Bright


It’s happened again by the Oracle of Oakland. When Kamala Harris was asked Wednesday about her anger at the Biden government’s inflation, she replied that Kamala Harris is a Vice President. People are working hard. Many people worry about how they will get through the month. Every time she opens her mouth, it seems like the vice president is proving that she is not suitable for the job or the job that awaits her if Old Joe dies.

Harris was first being referred to as presidential timber in 2017. This contrast is stark. In 2017, the UK’s far-Left Guardian stated that Harris offered “an interesting solution to the problem facing party.” The intelligent alternative: She likes to talk about her family’s civil rights activists and how they were shocked when she became a prosecutor. Harris, who is not trying to change America’s love for law-and-order politics but Harris, is trying to reshape this instinct. She has shifted from being ‘tough’ to being’smart’ on crime, which is the title of her 2009 book.

It’s difficult to believe that Kamala Harris thought she was intelligent five years later. Inflation seems to be her special bete noire (no that is not a racist expression). She shared these timeless pearls of wisdom last November about skyrocketing inflation rates. Families and individuals have to deal with the reality that bread costs more and gas costs more. Similar to her January statement about the Biden administration’s approach towards the COVID panic: “It is now that we need to stop doing what we have been doing.” It is now every day. Each day is a good time to agree that there’s a way to slow down this process.

There are many more. This was her opinion on the Russian invasion in Ukraine: “So, Ukraine can be considered a country within Europe. It is located next to Russia. Russia is a larger country. Russia is a powerful nation. Russia invaded Ukraine, a smaller country. That’s basically it. The significance of time passing. It is clear that the passage and passing of time is of great importance.

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment only addresses the incapacity president. It does not address what to do if vice president is unable or unable to fulfill his or her duties. The Founding Fathers believed that executive officers should be chosen on the basis their qualifications. Even though the 25th Amendment was ratified by Congress in February 1967, no one saw Kamala Harris or Joe Biden in America’s future. Americans can only hope that neither one of them does more harm to the country than they did before 2024, and that those who have benefited from their presence despite their apparent incompetence won’t be able put them over again.

Kamala Harris, in the meantime is an American political star in at least one way. She was a well-known figure in the American political scene, with a reputation that included being tough, sharp, and competent. This reputation was largely media driven. Outside of the most hardcore Democrat diehards, no one believes that about her any more. Kamala Harris is the only person responsible for her image being destroyed.