Hunter Biden Paid Joe’s Bills, Joe Benefited From Shady Business Dealings


Joe Biden denied any involvement with Hunter’s business dealings. Documents from Just the News and the Government Accountability Institute reveal that Joe Biden was financially involved in Hunter’s business dealings. Hunter was even able to pay for some of his expenses through emails and texts from Joe Biden. He “diverted” one of his tax returns to Hunter, and he also rubbed elbows with Hunter with foreign clients. ”

Other messages show that Joe Biden was more than a passive observer of Hunters’ business dealings. He was often involved in them, and even received financial benefits.

Just the News reports Hunter Biden and a Rosemont Seneca Partner assisted the White House in spring 2010 with documents to support Joe Biden’s tax returns. In emails, they state that Hunter Biden received a Delaware state tax refund from the ex-vice president and decided to redirect it to the son to repay the money he owes.

Joe Biden was often called “Pop”, “big guy”, and “my chair” during delicate communications. These communications show that Biden sought out help from Eric Schwerin, a Rosemont Seneca official and Hunter after leaving the vice-presidency.

Only the News and the Government Accountability Institute reviewed the emails, and texts, that Hunter Biden sent to a Delaware computer shop. These were taken from his laptop.

These emails disprove Joe Biden’s claims that Hunter Biden never discussed Hunter’s business dealings with him.