Democrats Are Worried About Biden, But They’re Afraid to Say It on TV: Van Jones


Democrats: Can we please be honest with each other?

Any Democrat who’s paid even a modicum of attention to Joe Biden over the last three years who’s not concerned about the nearly 81-year-old president’s steadily declining state is in a serious state of denial. Trust me — I get it.

You may know this, but don’t want to admit it.

Van Jones, CNN’s political analyst, is one Democrat who has no problem stating it. Van Jones said that Democrats were worried about Biden’s chances in the 2024 general election, but that they spoke “behind their backs” because they didn’t want to lose out on invitations to parties.

Van Jones is not disrespected. Party invitations are not the main concern of Democrats worried about Biden’s physical and mental decline.

CNN Jim Sciutto asks Jones about the “Biden Problem”.

Nikki Haley brought up the age of President Biden this morning, saying: “There’s no chance Joe Biden can finish his next term.” We cannot have an 81-year-old president. We need new leadership from a younger generation.

According to polls, Americans are worried about Trump’s age and would like other options besides Trump or Biden.

If there is no credible effort now for the possibility of an alternative Democratic candidate, should there be in your view?

Sciutto and Haley were correct to point out that the average white male in the U.S. lives to 77. Jones said it was “tricky” to live in Joe Biden’s world.

The people are concerned about Joe Biden. But they don’t want to admit it on TV because we enjoy barbecues and home parties.

I believe that anyone other than Trump would have an advantage against Biden, given his recent struggles and age could be a factor. If you compare Trump to Biden, Trump may be older but he also has many problems. It’s a wash.

Jones said “so many more” about Donald Trump, while ignoring the “so many more” about Joe Biden.

Bidenomics, Biden’s border crisis, Biden’s energy crisis, and Bidenomics are all reasons why Democrats want to remove Joe Biden. The reasons for his removal have nothing to do with his age or declining health.

A New York Times/Siena College Poll published in early August found that only 50 percent believed the Democratic Party should nominate a candidate for the 2024 presidential election. This is a surprising result.

Democrat Difference

The Democrat Party has been very successful in denying presidential nominations to unpopular candidates. We can see this most recently in 2016 and 2020. In both cases, self-declared socialist senator Bernie Sanders (I -VT), a Democrat threatened to win.

In 2016 the Democrat Party used “superdelegates”, which are delegates who automatically sit in the party, to stop Socialist Bernie. The establishment Democrats rallied around Biden’s campaign to boost it and to stop Sanders’s momentum.

Imagine Joe Biden on the 20th of January 2025.

I’d love to see ol Joe on the Democrat Party 2024 presidential ticket, even though I sound just as bad as “Dr.” Jill Biden.

Take a look at the segment:


The 2024 presidential election will be one of the most significant elections in recent history.

Each constitutional conservative living in the Fruited Plains should tremble if they think about another four years of a Democrat-led government.