Biden Con Family Reaching the End of the Road


We have finally learned that despite years of disinformation from the Biden family and the media, President Joe Biden fired Viktor Shokin as a prosecutor in Ukraine for investigating state corruption in relation to Burisma Oil Company and Hunter Biden – and ultimately Joe Biden himself.

Biden boasted, in his words, that as vice president he threatened to stop the delivery of American foreign aid for Ukraine unless Shokin were dismissed.

What is Congress going to do? Un-impeach an innocent impeached Donald Trump and exonerate him, or impeach a guilty Biden on the basis of the same accusations?

The Left has redefined impeachment in 2019 to include a means to leverage foreign aid to Ukraine for one’s own political career.

Joe Biden made sure his son would continue to raise millions of dollars for the Bidens with foreign governments while avoiding any political consequences.

A Trump impeached was also accused of using his government power to target his 2020 presidential opponent by suggesting that Joe Biden, his family, and other officials in Ukraine should investigate them for fraud and corruption.

Trump was right despite Joe Biden’s denials: There was ample evidence linking unwarranted Ukrainian payoffs to the Biden family bank accounts.

Trump had every reason to make sure that no Bidens were still deeply involved in the Ukrainian payment machine by 2019.

Biden, on the other hand, had a much smaller reason to use all of his government’s powers against Trump and his likely rival in 2024.

Jack Smith, the Special Prosecutor for New York City, does not accuse Trump of bribery in a Biden-like manner. He doesn’t claim that Trump granted special foreign policy preference to foreigners who paid for his family’s services.

Smith claims that Trump illegally removed classified presidential documents, even though Joe Biden did almost the same.

Biden remained silent about the removal of thousands of classified documents over a period exceeding ten years. Biden did not inform the government about his illegal removals until Trump was under investigation.

Trump, on the other hand, was a boisterous and combative man who fought with federal archivists openly and continuously over which of his documents at his Mar-a-Lago property were classified.

The leaks from the prosecutor’s office spewed out all kinds of unproven, nefarious agendas that had been behind Trump’s dispute over his presidential documents.

No one has ever asked the question of why Senator Biden and Vice President Biden kept sensitive materials for so many years in a strange and secretive manner.

According to recent reports, Hunter Biden was treated like a child by prosecutors. This is partly because Hunter Biden’s attorneys had threatened to bring Joe Biden on the stand to testify as a favor witness.

Under pressure from the White House, government prosecutors have apparently backed away from the nightmare scenario of a confused president of the United States sworn under oath to testify about the supposed innocence of the very guilty Hunter Biden.

Hunter, a former drug addict, has actually played many of these strange games with his family.

Hunter complained in his laptop communications that his family did not appreciate his work of family swindling.

He was adamant about his father forcing him to give half of his income to Joe and Jill Biden.

Hunter is under intense scrutiny, and any first son would do anything to avoid selling his childish artwork at exorbitant rates to anyone who wanted to influence his father.

Hunter almost dared the White House to stop its blatant swindling artistry.

Hunter was moved to the White House by the Bidens, presumably so that he could be kept under closer watch.

Hunter is still out of control. He could bring his family down if President Biden does not continue to protect him.

Ironically, Biden’s double standard and that of the media in hounding Trump have only led to new questions about fairness.

Why was the Biden Family, with their far greater exposure to legal issues, never subjected to such a series of indictments?

The Bidens’ protection by the Democratic Party was ended when a Republican House of Representatives took over.

The Ukraine war has brought attention once again to the Biden and Busima connection, as well as Hunter’s extortion of Ukrainian officials.

Joe Biden is finally unable to work a whole day. He murmurs. He stumbles. He lies in a serial manner.

He hijacks solemn events commemorating national tragedies, trying to outdo the mourning with his self-absorbed stories – most of which are irrelevant and narcissistic ‘half-truths.

We will learn the truth about 15 years of corruption in the Biden family if Biden who is cognitively and criminally impaired cannot complete his term.

The Biden family will lose the only impediment — Joe Biden’s political machinations — left in the way of an honest, full-blown felony investigation into what is likely the most corrupt presidential family in American history.