Biden’s Comments About Trump’s Mugshot, Biceps, COVID, and the Special Counsel Raise Eyebrows


Joe Biden remains in Lake Tahoe and is staying at Tom Steyer’s $18 million lakefront residence. He has been in Lake Tahoe for the past week. On Monday, he took a short trip to Maui but quickly returned to Lake Tahoe.

Biden was able to get the photo-op that he wanted, and then quickly left for his vacation. Biden, as my colleague previously reported, had other things to do. He took a pilates and spin class with his family on Wednesday. He claimed he was unaware of the plane crash in which the Wagner director Yevgeny Prgozhin is alleged to have been involved because he’d “worked out” for over an hour and a half.

Biden then went to the reporters on Friday after another class. I don’t even know what happened to the staff/handlers, but somehow he managed to get away and make some bizarre remarks.

He was first booed as he walked up to reporters and began talking about the UAW strike. He appeared to be unaware of the booing.

When he was asked about Trump’s arrest by a reporter, the guy, who had shown the people of Maui he lacked empathy and judgment, decided it was time to joke around about the former president being arrested.

Biden laughed and smiled widely before saying, “Handsome Guy.” The people are still booing him in the background.

He should not have commented on the news of Maui’s death toll. He shouldn’t be laughing, smiling or talking about his political rival at this time. It’s Biden. He’s not taking the appropriate actions, but he appears to be enjoying the persecution. His grin is taking us down the banana republic road.

He then went on to say that the government would be spending money for another COVID vaccination, which he called “necessary”. It was also “recommended” that everyone get it.

There are already signs that people are pushing for more COVID restrictions and even the return of masking. Does anyone doubt that they will try it again, especially if this helps them gain more control before the elections?

A reporter, unsure of the situation because Biden was so talkative, asked if the Special Counsel who was investigating him for his taking classified documents would be interviewing him. When he is challenged in this way, watch his face. What a scumbag!

Biden said, “There is no such request or interest.”

But that’s not the case, at least according to reports. According to reports, his people and Robert Hur, the special counsel for the FBI, have been in talks about arranging an interview. If Biden said that, it would undermine the fragile fiction that he’s built. So you can’t find out.

Olivia Dalton is the handler who appeared in the clip and finally pulled him away from reporters.

He still had one strange comment to make. A male reporter asked how he liked Lake Tahoe. There’s a hard-hitting query there.

Biden said he would “feel better” if he could have the reporter’s “biceps.”

I’ve already written about it. He’s got a weird obsession with the biceps of men. If he feels like it, he will even feel biceps on random guys in foreign countries. It’s similar to his obsession with smelling children — very odd.

Biden left the room after speaking with reporters and returned to his SUV as the people began booing again. He realized that people were booing this time, which stopped him for a moment. He decided to wade at them.

It’s no wonder that they try to keep him away from the media — he makes everything worse.

Biden made Steyer’s life worse. As we previously reported, his stay in Lake Tahoe has already been investigated because Steyer was reportedly not supposed to rent out his home for the stay.

Just another bizarre, Biden day.