Deion Sanders Urges Players to Stop Saying One Phrase, Aiming to Revolutionize Colorado Football


Colorado football coach Deion Sanders has brought an avalanche of attention to his program. However, he has yet to appear on the sidelines during a regular season game.

The Buffaloes, who won only one game last season, brought Sanders in from Jackson State, and he is already looking to change the culture and the attitude within the football team. Sanders was featured in a video for Well Off Media on Monday, and it showed the team training.

Sanders revealed his biggest pet peeve.

Let me tell you something I dislike. This is universal. “What does it mean here?” He asks rhetorically to the camera. “My bad”.

“I don’t believe in violence, but I’m gonna whoop ‘my bad.’ One day I’m going to meet the dude that’s ‘my bad,’ that started ‘my bad,’ and I’m gonna whoop him. I can’t stand that – ‘my bad.’ I know it’s your bad.

Parents are also angry at this. “Don’t accuse me, we know it is your fault.”

Sanders had to select a different choice.

It’s not “my fault” if you don’t say anything. Do it better by just shutting up and doing it again.

In his caption for the Instagram video that he posted last week, Sanders promised to keep improving.

When you sit on the bench of judgment, you never know what someone else is going through. You can still have faith in the fact that everyone goes through something. Keep the faith and trust in Him to get you through what He has put you through.