YouTube Supports the Biden Administration by Removing Jordan Peterson Interview of RFK Jr.


They know better than you do what is best for you. They know this better than you do. They have taken it upon themselves, graciously, to decide for us what we can and cannot see, hear, and read. We might make self-destructive decisions if we are left to our own devices like we did when we elected Donald Trump as president of the United States in 2016. YouTube just removed an interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did with Jordan Peterson. The social media giants are desperate for you to hate the Democrat presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy Jr. You might vote for him over Joe Biden if you heard what he said.

Peterson uploaded the video of the interview to Twitter on June 5, where it’s still available. The video was also posted on YouTube. Kennedy, on the other hand, tweeted Sunday: “What’s your opinion… Should social platforms censor presidential candidates? My conversation with Jordan Peterson has been deleted by @YouTube. You can watch the video on Twitter (thanks to @elonmusk). #Kennedy24.”

Kennedy continued: “Maybe I can figure out what the misinformation in this interview was. #letRFKspeak. Do you need Big Tech to censor what you hear? Would you rather be treated like an adult capable of listening to different viewpoints and coming to their own conclusions, or as someone who is a competent person? #letRFKspeak. It’s possible that @YouTube did not break any laws with this blatant interference in the electoral process. If that is the case, then only public pressure will bring about a change. “That’s democracy at work!”

He issued an even more direct call to action, saying: “If YouTube is to become a modern public square and not a propaganda outlet then create a video that you can post to @YouTube stating what you believe. #letRFKspeak.”

Peterson, who agreed with RFK Jr., said that YouTube had done its part in ensuring that Old Joe was able to renominate and serve four more years as the Figurehead-in-Chief with as little difficulty as possible. “Now @YouTube is actively interfering with a presidential campaign @RobertKennedyJr.”

YouTube remained silent throughout this whole ordeal, issuing only a pro forma statement on Monday. “We removed a Jordan Peterson video for violating YouTube’s general policy against misinformation about vaccines, which prohibits any content that claims that vaccines can cause chronic side-effects, except for rare but recognized side-effects.” This was Leftist elitism in its purest form, as the issue with RFK Jr. is not whether they are “misinformation,” but rather if they do.

YouTube’s announcement is especially poorly timed as it follows the recent controversy involving Joe Rogan, TV doctor Peter Hotez and a vaccine propagandist. Hotez said after Rogan’s interview with RFK Jr., that “many people actually believe this nonsense.” Ben Bartee reported on Sunday. Rogan invited Hotez to debate Kennedy, saying: “Peter if what RFK Jr. says is misinformation, I will donate $100,000 to the charity you choose if you are willing to debate him without time limits.”

Hotez refused to debate the issue. Hotez, YouTube, and the Leftist intelligentsia believe that science has been settled. The COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be beneficial. Anyone who disagrees is a crank spreading “misinformation.”

We have played this game before. Hunter Biden’s laptop was “misinformation” from the Russians according to 51 top analysts. It was only after it was revealed that the laptop is real, and the experts were lying, that we realized the laptop was genuine. YouTube had restricted videos that claimed that the 2020 presidential elections were not in the clear until just a few weeks ago.

Those who promoted vaccines the most ardently had to change their claims when the reality set in. Joe Biden originally claimed that the vaccine would offer complete protection against COVID. Was it “misinformation?” Was it “misinformation” or accurate at the time?

YouTube will now remove all videos that feature Old Joe’s false promises because everyone knows they are false. Or does it act against RFK Jr. because it’s part of the Leftist Establishment and he’s an outsider that must be prevented from becoming the Democrat candidate for president?

The Left’s paternalistic, elitist desire for censorship has no logic and is insulting. Americans should be able to listen to RFK Jr. and form their own opinions. It’s time to turn YouTube off.