Hunter Biden Accused of Tax and Gun Offenses, Raises Questions About Lenient Treatment


Here is a copy of the plea agreement:

Hunter Biden was charged after a half-decade investigation of failing to file taxes. A court filing states that the president’s child will plead guilty as part of an agreement to plead guilty.

In relation to his illegal firearm possession, related to his lying on federal forms to obtain a weapon while on drugs. The younger Biden has entered a pre-trial program which means that the charge will be dismissed as long as he does not violate the law again.

Chris Clark, Hunter’s criminal lawyer, stated in a press release that “I understand the five-year probe into Hunter has been resolved with the announcement of the two agreements made between my client Hunter Biden and the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware.”

Clark stated that “Hunter is responsible for two misdemeanors of failing to pay tax when due in accordance with a plea deal.”

According to what we know (mostly via Hunter Biden’s lawyer) about the plea agreement, it doesn’t appear that Hunter Biden will face charges of tax evasion. This charge was initially reported as part of the prosecution. The charges of fraud and the scandalous things found on his laptop are also off the table.

Hunter Biden is unlikely to go to prison for a misdemeanor of failing to file taxes. This is a dramatic change from the expectations that were set given his original crimes.

It’s hard to find a way to spin it other than to say that Hunter Biden was able to get off lightly with the charges and guilty plea he accepted. The public is likely to see it that way. The deal may not be unusual for a first-time offender (provided you have good lawyers), but it will not build trust in the DOJ, which is already controversial.

This investigation and the previous charges have nothing to do with the ongoing Biden corruption scandal. The DOJ and FBI have not indicated that they are looking into this matter. Only Republicans in Congress have launched an investigation, and the conclusions they reach will not be supported by law enforcement.

The majority of people on the right will see this and notice political bias. I don’t fault them for it.