Detroit Man Arrested on Spirit Airlines for Risqué ‘Mile High Club’ Proposal to Flight Attendants


Some people shouldn’t fly, such as the main character in this story. He was a little too frisky when he flew Spirit Airlines.

The details of the arrest are shocking.

According to officials, a Detroiter is facing federal charges for grabbing two flight attendants aboard a plane heading to Orlando and asking if they would like to join the “mile high club”.

On January 6, around 10 am, FBI Task Force agents were dispatched to the Spirit Airlines Gate in Orlando International Airport to deal with a passenger who had become unruly. The passenger was on a flight from Kentucky to Orlando.

James Warren Finnister, according to court documents, had asked the first attendant if she would like to join the “mile-high” club. Then he grabbed another flight attendant and asked if she would like to join.

According to officials, the flight attendant was able to escape Finnister’s grasp and reported the incident.

Finnister asked a flight attendant to explain a cockpit that she found alarming.

Finnister was lying on the floor.

Finnister wasn’t the only one who behaved in a sexist way while flying with friendly skies. It was reported last year that the number of male passengers who sexually abuse women passengers has increased.

The reports concern men who inadvertently touch or grope the women sitting next to them on planes.

According to federal statistics, reports of men groping young girls and women in planes are on the rise.

FBI began investigating 62 airborne cases of sexual misconduct on August 3. This is a higher number than before the pandemic.

The Washington Times reports that the FBI has investigated 27 cases of sexual abuse aboard aircraft during 2018. The FBI is currently investigating 65 cases in 2019.

The COVID-19 flight restrictions reduced the number in 2020 to 34. In 2021, the number increased to 81, and in 2017, to 90. The increase in air travel is to blame.

In an email, an FBI spokesperson said that “in comparison 2019 to 2021 there was a 25% increase of investigations”, even though the number of passengers has not yet returned to its pre-pandemic level.

The FBI reports that most unwanted gropings happen when the victims are sleeping. According to the FBI, 67% of gropings involved drugs or alcohol.

A passenger who sexually abuses another person can be punished by up to 2 years in prison or a fine of $250,000.

Flying is stressful for everyone, no matter if this is your first time. It’s even worse because these people are in airplanes.