David Axelrod Says the Really, Really Scary Part Out Loud


David Axelrod was the brain behind Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaigns. He believes that no person in the White House should have the right to make these decisions.

David Axelrod was discussing the filibuster “carve-out” to allow Biden vote for abortion in Senate. He dismissed the idea. He stated, “It’s the current situation that Biden is in.” It is a feeling that things are out-of-control, but he is not in control. This is what causes the “out-of-control” feeling.

Axelrod does not believe that there is an invisible hand behind the throne. Axelrod doesn’t claim Obama or any other person are running the show. Scarier still is his assertion that no one is in control.

Biden, a 79 year old, has cognitive and intellectual disabilities. This is what you need to understand for a second. It’s not that no one seems to be in control. It is not just that no one controls the ship of state. It may surprise you to see how long it takes for a decision to be made and how busy his staff is trying to fix his mistakes.

Washington Free Beacon editor Matt Continetti argues that Biden does a good job, but it is more that he seems to do it all wrong.

However, recently I have been having second thoughts. It’s not Ron Klain, Barack Obama or Dr. Jill running the show in secret. Instead, I’m curious to know if any one actually controls the government. There is no power abovet or below the throne, or behind or within it. The throne does not have power.

Take into account the economy, Ukraine and the border. These issues will be addressed by Biden from time to time. Biden might answer questions. White House releases press releases detailing its latest initiatives. The second gentleman, the Vice President Harris, comes up to talk about all the wonderful things she and he have accomplished.

Each of these elements, including the president, his staff, spokesperson and policy, seem discombobulated or disconnected. Each element seems to be a distinct area of activity. This administration is constantly in crisis. There is no improvement.

Biden is nearly dead to the radical left. They are content to watch as Biden, whom they believe has “wasted” his Democratic majority and has not used his presidential muscle to effect the changes they want. They believe Biden could forgive $1 Trillion of student loan debt and make radical, extraordinary changes in energy policy to ensure their favorite climate projects are made law.

They don’t care about inflation. They are not concerned about the deficit and the national debt. They believe this is their time. Biden is an expert at this.

Ron Brownstein is a veteran political commentator who points out that Biden has always been an institutionalist. He views the filibuster as an institution safeguard against an over-control minority, so he won’t be hitting the Senate with a machete. He won’t destroy the presidency with executive directives that render the president powerless and the congress insignificant.

Biden was born during a time America’s institutions were unquestioned. This is no longer the case. Both extreme right and left are attacking America’s foundations of stability and ripping apart the fabric society.

Joe Biden, a younger and more moderate politician, might have been more successful. It is hard to believe any politician could be successful in America’s collapse due to the Russians and the pandemic.